Worst Dream Town

After an uneventful trip around town today, I headed up to the Dream Suite. Luna told me that Ruby from PGL was my most recent dream visitor.

I decided to make a dream visit of my own. I looked through some old dream suggestions and found one from gg, recommending a town that “was the most desolate village you could ever build.” I entered the dream address (1700-0177-9037) and began my journey. The town’s name is in Japanese, but a Google search found people referring to it as Gewalt. I very quickly found myself in a pitfall.

Falling in a pitfall.If nothing else, the town is indeed desolate. There are tree stumps everywhere…but on the bright side, many of them are special stumps.

Many special stumps.Aside from the stumps, there’s also a lot of garbage lying around: Old tires, boots, cans, and spoiled turnips.

Garbage everywhere.And pitfall seeds. Lots and lots of pitfall seeds. Everywhere. I was falling into them almost constantly. The villagers weren’t doing much better, either.

Agent S: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Who in the WORLD dug a pitfall right here where I was walking?!Kitt wanted visitors to think this was the greatest town ever. She’s in some serious denial.

Kitt: I want visitors to think this is the greatest town ever! That's why I'm in super-hostess mode!Sure, Gewalt is desolate. And trashed. But most of all, it’s annoying. The abundance of pitfall seeds make this town easily the worst dream town I’ve visited. It’s the pits. I stopped for one last picture at this face-cutout standee, but I was clearly not a happy camper.

Making an angry face at the faceboard.I do not recommend this dream town, but if you really want to fall in a bunch of pitfalls, head over to dream address 1700-0177-9037.

One other note: In regards to the giveaway of StreetPass items I’ve mentioned before, I’ve decided that I’m going to wait until I get a second ice cream cone to include before beginning the contest. I plan on including ten items, and a second cone would help give the lot some variety without making it mostly balloons. But I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway, so stay tuned.

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