Dreaming of TZ’s Town Hyrule

Yesterday, I met an ugly frog in the campsite. It wasn’t Jambette, but Gigi. She’s almost as bad…but not quite.

Gigi: Hey, are you from around here? Oh, great! I've been looking for a local to chat with.
Look elsewhere, please.

When I checked out K.K.’s Saturday night performance, I found a full house; Tabby, Tammy, and Drago all joined Shrunk to enjoy the show.

Shrunk, Tabby, Tammy, and Drago in Club LOL.And today, I bought 3,200 turnips from Joan for a price of 101 bells apiece.

Joan: The asking price is 101 bells per turnip. What do you think, kiddo?Later on tonight, Sprinkle told me she was going to move out of town on November 25th. But I asked her to stick around a little longer.

Sprinkle: I mean, how can a cute gal like me stay cooped up in one place for too long, in pudding?Up at the Dream Suite, Luna told me that Kyle from Moriland was my most recent dream visitor. And I decided to dream a little dream myself. I visited TZ’s town Hyrule, which has a dream address of 4200-2634-5835. (Update: The new dream address is 4F00-0025-AAB7). I took a few pictures from some of my favorite parts of town.

Here, the pink flowers and a square topiary even made an instrument shelter look good.

Pink flowers, a square topiary, and an instrument shelter.An illuminated arch right in front of the Roost also looked really nice, especially with all of the blue flowers nearby.

An illuminated arch in front of the Roost.More topiaries and flowers made this street look great:

Topiaries in Hyrule.And another illuminated arch was in front of the fountain, while some money trees could be seen nearby.

Money trees, an illuminated arch, and a fountain.

Update, February 2017: Hyrule now has a new dream address of 4F00-0025-AAB7. Some changes have been made to the town, and my favorite new feature is this Splatoon themed room.

A Splatoon themed room in T.Zelda's town of Hyrule.

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