Dreaming of Charvale

Last night, Daisy tried to tell me she was moving out of town on May 16th. She’s only been in town for about a month; she’s not going anywhere!

Daisy: Maybe it isn't the right time to move after all. Thanks for helping me realize that, Jeff.At the campsite, I found Deli the monkey camping out once again. Deli was already camping here in March. Not to mention he camped here once last year as well.

Deli: I'll be seeing you around for a little bit, monch.Today, Rolf asked me for a peach and I gave him a perfect one. He loved it, and he rewarded me with a paper wall lamp.

Rolf: Oooo, snaps! I'm gonna dig right in!I decided to make a dream visit to Merka’s previous town, Charvale. Her dream hadn’t been updated since December 2013, so it wasn’t exactly how I remembered it, but it was nice to see it once again.

Skye: Currently displaying clouds.Charvale was very much still a work-in-progress in 2013, so it doesn’t reflect how nice it would later become. Still, parts of town looked really good with the paths and flowers.

Pretty paths and flowers in Charvale.Of course I took the opportunity to chat with Biskit.

Biskit: Charvale is the sweetest town. It's like a dream come true! Have fun exploring it, dawg.If you’d like to visit Charvale, the dream address is 7800-3247-9305.

Once I woke up from my dream, I also updated my own dream town. Luna told me that my most recent dream visitor was Joel from Willowby. Yesterday’s visitor was Sherina from Oasis.

I then took the boat out to the island, where the giant-dragonfly tour was available today. I played it a few times to earn some medals.

Tortimer: That's enough to net you a Gold Tortimer award and 20 medals!Once I returned to Forest, I found Gulliver on the beach. He was talking about Hollywood and Broadway; he was dreaming of becoming an actor. He’ll be sending me a gift from the USA tomorrow.

Gulliver: But now I'm thinking Broadway is calling me to star in a musical! So many choices! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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