Splatoon in NoJ Dream Town

I’ve visited the official Nintendo of Japan dream town (dream address 0000-0100-0017) before, but they have now updated the dream with Splatoon stuff! There are Splatoon patterns on the ground, making up the path, as well as three Splatoon-related face-cutout standees.

Splatoon squid faceboard cutout in New Leaf.There’s a squid, a girl inkling, and a boy inkling.

Three Splatoon faceboards: Female inkling, squid, and male inkling.Boy inkling faceboard.Girl inkling faceboard.The house near these cutouts also has an upstairs room that’s Splatoon themed.

Splatoon themed room in Nintendo of Japan's New Leaf dream town.Thankfully, all of these great patterns are available to download from Wendell:

Splatoon patterns available from Wendell in Nintendo's dream town.On the down side, Nintendo of Japan hasn’t kept this town clean. Weeds, clovers, and buried items can be found all over town. This town was once filled with flowers…I wonder why they didn’t enact the beautiful town ordinance to keep it nice?

Weeds in Nintendo's dream town.But it’s still worth visiting not only for the Splatoon stuff, but the other themed areas/rooms as well (Mario, Bowser, Captain Toad, Tomodachi Life, etc.). The dream address again is 0000-0100-0017 if you’d like to check it out for yourself!

Me sticking my face into a Captain Toad face-cutout standee.For more good dream towns, check out Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures.

Time to Wake Up

Back in Forest, I received Cally’s goodbye letter in the mail. She did not include her picture, but that’s fine by me. I didn’t want it anyway.

Cally's goodbye letter.I decided to use some of the Splatoon patterns in my town as well. The orange squid eyes pattern is now my path (for now, at least), I wore the other squid design as a shirt, and I put up the squid faceboard on my face-cutout standee.

My town decked out in Splatoon stuff.My town’s two elephants were talking about vehicles tonight, but it wasn’t clear exactly which vehicle they were referring to. Big Top asked me, and I guessed they were talking about cars. But Dizzy thought they were talking about trains. All I know is that this conversation didn’t go very far.

Big Top: Oh right, a car! How could I have forgotten something as basic as that, lil top?Dizzy: Huh? I thought we were talking about trains...Up at the Dream Suite, Luna told me Sammie from Meerkat was my most recent dream visitor. Thanks for stopping by! See you all next time!

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  1. Why do you have all these awesome designs and don’t even share a QR code so other’s can enjoy them?

    1. These are not my designs, they are in the Japanese Nintendo dream town. You can get them by visiting that dream and talking to Wendell.

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