Dreaming of Celestia

Molly was still sick last night, so I gave her some more medicine.

Molly flips as she takes some medicine.Today, I saw a large shadow in the river; I fished out an arapaima. Nice.

I caught an arapaima! And it looks like it's in its prime-a!Up at the Dream Suite, Luna told me that Nick from Plover was my most recent dream visitor. I took a dream visit of my own, to the town of Celestia (dream address 7200-2261-9812). It’s a very pretty town with nice paths and lots of public works projects (PWPs).

A flower clock and an illuminated arch in the town of Celestia.It also has some of the best looking water/streams I’ve seen.

Pretty water patterns in Celestia.If you’re looking for a nice dream town to visit, give Celestia a try.

A bridge in the dream town of Celestia.A fountain in the dream town of Celestia.A statue fountain in Celestia.Back in Forest, Kabuki told me he was planning on moving out on August 3rd. He was clearly wrestling with the decision, so I changed his mind for him.

Kabuki: The truth is, I've been thinking that it's about time for me to leave this place. Yes, leave Forest.

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