Dreaming of Hitokui

It was a sunny day in Forest, and Kabuki was enjoying the nice weather.

Kabuki: How about this weather? It's like the sun's taken a...shine...to us! You get it? It's warm!
Hey Kabuki? Leave the bad puns to me.

Later on, I changed my path back to the green bricks. The repeating ink blotches of Splatoon didn’t make the best-looking path.

Changing back to my green brick path.I went up to the Dream Suite to update my dream town, and I got a bit of a surprise when I checked my latest visitor. According to Luna, it was <3s JVGS from Poop. It was kind of flattering, at least until I reached part #2. 😀

Luna: According to the latest feedback, a client named <3s JVGS from Poop enjoyed your dream.
That’s certainly an interesting name and town. But still, thank you for visiting!

I wasn’t done in the Dream Suite just yet, though. I decided to take a dream visit to a horror-themed town suggested by Heidi and Abbie (in October 2013). The town’s name is Hitokui and the dream address is 2600-1856-4772. Update: The current dream address as of September 2017 is 1C00-0077-A492.

I visited the cafe, where a variety of tasty foods was served. Wait, is the chef missing an eye? I hope it doesn’t end up in my salad or anything. But I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Hitokui cafe.Just a fair warning that this town does contain some bloody patterns, and some of them will be shown in the following pictures. If you don’t want to see them, you may want to skip the rest of this blog entry.

The basement of the cafe has some bloody knives. And some empty cribs. Exactly what kind of meat do you serve here??

Bloody knives and empty cribs in Hitokui.One of the other houses seems to function as a church…complete with a cemetery in the back. R.I.P., my lunch.

Church cemetery in Hitokui.In a small bathroom, it looks like something broke through the bars. Did it break in or out?

A bathroom in Hitokui.It was raining outside, and I saw a mummy holding an umbrella!

A bandaged person (a mummy?) holding an umbrella in Hitokui.In another house, I found where they perform experiments on people. Am I next in line?

A freaky lab room in Hitokui.Another room has a collection of scary creatures. Yikes! That thing is huge!

A room full of bugs and other creatures in Hitokui.And of course, every horror town is legally obligated to have at least one of these creepy dolls. Although the doll isn’t the creepiest thing in this room…

A creepy room with a creepy doll--and what was in that bed? (Hitokui)But if you like dolls, you’ll love this room:

A room full of creepy dolls and masks in Hitokui.Here are a couple more pictures of rooms from Hitokui:

A room with a shrine in Hitokui.A portrait of a creepy person or creature in Hitokui.After that, I woke up from my dream and ended my night in New Leaf. Again, the dream address for Hitokui is 1C00-0077-A492 if you’d like to check it out.

Have a good weekend, everyone! If you’re looking for more good dream towns to visit, please check out Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures!

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