Dreaming of Wander

I got Kabuki’s goodbye letter in the mail yesterday, and he sent me his picture too. It’s sad to see him go.

Kabuki's goodbye letter.I also received a letter from a now-healthy Molly. She thanked me for the medicine when she was sick, and she sent me a rugby tee.

I got a New 3DS XL yesterday, and I’m happy to report that everything transferred over flawlessly. My New Leaf town is still intact, my friend code is the same and my roster intact, and I haven’t encountered any problems. For pictures and more info about my new system, see my New 3DS XL impressions on Jeff’s Gaming Blog.

Croque was camping out at the campsite, and I actually had room to invite someone in now that Kabuki is gone. But Croque was not someone I was interested in.

Croque: Sometimes it gets a little miserable sleeping in a tent... But that's all part of the experience!Saharah was in town tonight, with her usual offer to install new carpet and wallpaper for 3,000 bells. I took her up on the offer, and she put in a blue-trim wall and sci-fi floor. Not a very logical combination.

Blue-trim wall and sci-fi floor.As soon as I changed my wallpaper and carpet back, Molly barged in for an unexpected visit. What a plucky duck.

Molly drops in for an unexpected visit.I just stood there for a minute, until she decided to leave. She thanked me for being such a lovely host, which was almost surely sarcastic.

Remember Kaylee from the other day? I visited her dream town Wander tonight (dream address 4700-4655-7319). Even though it was raining, I enjoyed my visit…including a picnic!

A rainy picnic in the town of Wander.It’s a very pretty town, so wander on over if you’re looking for a new dream town to visit.

A statue fountain in Wander.Pretty grass patterns in Wander.A fontain in Wander.When I woke up from my dream, I had a nightmare! I saw Dotty on Main Street! Now that Kabuki is gone, that freed up a spot for my former villager Dotty to appear on Main Street. (Just kidding about it being a nightmare, Dotty).

Dotty: Hey, it's totally Jeff! You're looking as awesome as ever. It's great to visit Forest!

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