Dreaming of Scarlett

Saharah was in town today, and I hired her to install some new wallpaper and carpet. She put in this kitchen wall and tatami. Eh.

20160107_HNI_0097Peck came up to me and started bragging about not only his clothes, but also his “jaw-dropping physique.” (Looks like he has a bird chest to me). But I think he’s starting to creep me out a bit.


Not a lot was going on in town tonight, so I decided to do a little dreaming. I started going through my list of dream towns that people have suggested, but I noticed an unsettling trend. Luna kept telling me that there was not a town at each address I entered. Admittedly, these suggestions were old. (I’ve received too many suggestions to get to them all in a timely manner). But I’ve never got this many bad dream addresses in a row before.

I know that inactive dreams are deleted after a while, but I wonder if Nintendo has decreased that amount of time now that they’re also saving people’s Happy Home Designer creations. At any rate, if you want your dream town to stay active, make sure you update it regularly!

I was a bit relieved when I finally found one that worked. I headed off to the town of Scarlett (4600-2362-5644). It’s set in springtime, and you can see the pink cherry blossom trees. There are lots of flowers and the sky is blue and clear. This town is gorgeous!

Paths, flowers, and pink trees in the gorgeous town of Scarlett.

There is a winding path that leads to the campsite and this mushroom garden near the fire pit. You can use a tree trunk as a stool.

A fire pit and mushroom garden in Scarlett.

The town is amazingly colorful, everywhere you go.

Purple and pink houses, with matching flowers.

A beautiful bridge in the dream town of Scarlett.

Mel is the mayor of Scarlett, and her basement looks like a great place to check out some live music.

A music room for a live band.

Honey’s house has a great-looking diner. Grab some snacks or play some billiards.

The Scarlett diner.

If you’re looking for a great dream town to visit, be sure to check out Scarlett. The dream address again is 4600-2362-5644.

After I updated my own town dream town (dream address 4300-2003-9889), Luna told me that Lotus from Coral was my most recent dream visitor. Caitlin from Cesadius also visited recently.

I’ll be back with another blog entry tomorrow for Friday Night Forest.

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of Scarlett”

  1. I visited Scarlett a few months ago. It is a gorgeous town. My favorite part of the town would have to be the front of the town hall with the illuminated hearts, it’s stunning!

  2. What a lovely town. Visited after I saw the screenshots and it did not disappoint one bit.

    I gotta admit, I’m kinda curious how long the backlog for dream towns is.

  3. Sorry I haven’t commented in a while! Great town, Mel! And Peck, as weird as always… Anyway Jeff I wanted to share something. I, and a lot of other people, have a feeling that a new mainstream Animal Crossing game will be released, but is now pushed onto the development of the NX. Do you think that we will have an Animal Crossing U, or do you think it has been turned into Animal Crossing NX? (By the way, I’m on holiday this Monday to Friday, so I won’t be checking the blog posts. I’ll catch up when I get back.)

      1. You mean 15 years, not 25! And even that would only be for Japan. But still, I’m hoping we get a new AC game this year. 2016 will mark three years since New Leaf came out in America and Europe, so I’m ready! 🙂

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