Dreaming of Lilliput

I recently made a dream visit to Lola’s town of Lilliput at dream address 6600-3140-1421. (Update: the new address is 6B00-0010-6C05). And it is a beautiful town!

Town hall in Lilliput.There are colorful flowers everywhere you go, and the paths look really good too.

The fountain in Lilliput.I think it’s one of the best-looking towns I’ve seen.

A square topiary in Lilliput.Flowers in Lilliput.Bamboo around the fountain in Lilliput.If you’re looking for dream towns to visit, I highly recommend Lilliput. Once again, the dream address is 6B00-0010-6C05.

Back in Forest today, Beth came over momentarily to use my garbage can. She had some leftover tickets from Bunny Day that she couldn’t get rid of.

Beth dropped by Forest for a brief visit.I decided to change my path to a different green brick path…the one that I’ve been using in City Folk. I’ve taken a shine to it.

QR code for my green brick path.It has also been added to the QR Codes page, which has been a bit more active than usual lately. I’ll be adding some more of my ACCF patterns in the coming days and weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

My recent dream visitors have been Rosella from Roselush, Beclien from Sweetvil, Rina from Hibiskus, and Tom from Shinha. Thank you all for stopping by. See you next time!

10 thoughts on “Dreaming of Lilliput”

  1. guess what? There’s a new NX coming out next month! And we’re getting a brand new AC! It’s called Animal Crossing…. April Fools! If Only it was real!

  2. Hey I was wondering would you like Kid Cat when he moves ? He isn’t moving yet though. Or hopefully not for a while.

    1. No, that’s okay, but thank you for the offer. I like having the freedom to ask in a camper… Too bad I haven’t had any since Velma moved out! But maybe soon.

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