Dreaming of Alker

Now that the NBA playoffs are underway, I redesigned the main room of my house. You can probably tell I’m a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. 😛

My basketball themed room.
This is similar, but not identical, to the room I made last year.

Molly told me she was going to move out of town on May 1st. But naturally, I cancelled her plans.

Dreaming of Alker

I headed up to the Dream Suite and I dreamed of Delaine’s town of Alker at dream address 5A00-0012-01EA (previously 5000-3852-8574). It has some beautiful paths and lots of flowers.

Patterns and flowers in Alker.

There are also a lot of public works projects (PWPs), including this geyser and round topiary.

Standing between a geyser and a round topiary.

I stopped to have a picnic in front of the statue fountain.

Having a picnic in front of the statue fountain in Alker.

And of course, I couldn’t resist the famous mushroom near the lighthouse.

A giant-sized Jeff next to the lighthouse.

It’s a beautiful town well worth a visit. And it’s pretty much an unknown dream town; a Google search of the dream address shows no results (as of the time of this entry). Here are a few more pictures of Alker. This one shows a water pump, flowers, and the fairy-tale bridge in the background.

The pretty town of Alker.The flower arch and illuminated tree PWPs are featured here:Illuminated tree in Alker.And this fancy bath room makes good use of some Merlions to add to the atmosphere.Some Merlions.

Once again, the dream address is 5A00-0012-01EA if you’d like to give Alker a visit for yourself. Beautiful town, Deedee!

As for my dream town, it has recently been visited by Ashley from Brazil, Chris from Hamelin, and Xavier from Quigley. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I visited this village as well! so pretty! I wish Alker would put the designs on share so I can use those amazing tile designs!

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