Dreaming of Wintervl

Yesterday, Big Top told me he was looking for me…in a trunk! Sorry, but I escaped from that trunk you put me in, big guy.

Big Top: Oh, good! I've been looking for you, cool guy! In a trunk.He asked me for some furniture, and I gave him something I had in my pockets. He gave me his picture in return.

Today, not much was going on in town. So I went up to the Dream Suite and made a dream visit to Lisa’s town of Wintervl (5400-4789-9955). Update: the new dream address is 5B00-0010-964B. Despite the name of the town, it was not winter when I arrived.

Arriving in Wintervl.But it is a very pretty town, as you can see. There are some items on the ground that you can wear or equip. I grabbed a royal crown and a golden axe.

A geyser in Wintervl.

In Rose’s house, I found the throne room. So I took my seat as ruler…of a room in someone else’s house. In someone else’s town. In a dream. Hey, don’t reign on my parade. I’m the king!

King Jeff in the throne room.Wintervl has lots of PWPs and hybrid flowers all over town.

Flowers and PWPs, oh my!There are also perfect peach trees and money trees.

Enjoying the scenery in Wintervl.If you’re looking for a beautiful dream town to visit, I recommend Wintervl.

Enjoying a rest.For more dream towns to visit, check out Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures.

When I woke up from my dream, Rolf asked me for a pear. I found one for him south of the event plaza and took it back to him. He enjoyed it, and he gave me an odd reward: Apparently he had a rocket in his pocket! How did he have space for that?

Rolf: OK then, you can go ahead and take my rocket here, so now we're even, tiger!

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