Dreaming of Disney Sweets

A Sweets dream

Today, I made a dream visit to a town suggested by Sarah. It’s a Disney themed town called Sweets. The players’ names are in Japanese, but you can visit the dream by going to dream address 2900-0694-7821.

It’s a beautiful town with lots of public works projects (PWPs), flowers, paths, and designs of Disney characters almost everywhere you look. Also, the town was uploaded during cherry blossom season in the spring, so pink petals are constantly falling from the sky.

Three illuminated arches, a stream, paths, flowers, and Minnie Mouse patterns in the Disney themed dream town of Sweets.There’s Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Bambi, Snow White, Cinderella, and more. So if you’re a Disney fan, these designs are sure to ring a Belle.

Patterns of Mickey, Minnie, Bambi, and many Disney princesses in the dream town of Sweets.Disney character patterns near a statue fountain and tower PWPs in the dream town of Sweets.If I were to really nitpick, I would say it’s a bit disappointing that two of the houses seem to be used for nothing but villager pictures. I would have liked to see more themed rooms like this one. If there’s a better use for the mermaid furniture set than this The Little Mermaid themed room, I haven’t seen it.

A Little Mermaid themed room with Ariel in the Disney themed dream town of Sweets.
Want to visit? It won’t cost much…just your voice!

Even though I could easily keep singing the praises of Sweets, I’ll let you dive right in and see the rest of it for yourselves. The dream address again is 2900-0694-7821.

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Rolf’s Birthday

Back in Forest, I saw on the bulletin board that today is Rolf’s birthday. So I made sure to pay my favorite tiger a visit and join in his birthday party.

Rolf: Yo! Are you here to celebrate my birthday too?!His fellow feline friend Bob was also there for the celebration.

Bob: Now that you're here, it REALLY feels like a party, in the sky!

Rolf asked if I brought him a present, and I gave him a customized regal table. He didn’t seem thrilled with it at first, but I could tell he still appreciated the gift.

Rolf: The present you gave me really hits me right in the ol' "feel good" party of my soul, tiger!After I left the party, I put some money into my bank account at the post office. My balance reached 79 million bells.

My recent dream visitors have been Claire from City and Jamie from StokLand. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I found your blog via Pinterest and just wanted to leave a note to say thanks for writing! It’s such a quirky game and fun to find others that enjoy it!

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