Dreaming of Pastelia

Tonight, I visited Zoella’s dream town of Pastelia (dream address 4100-2171-4940). It was suggested by Gia a while back. There are two sets of outfits you can choose from when you arrive, and there are also balloons, pinwheels, and ice cream cones to pick up and use.

Me holding an ice cream cone in the dream town of Pastelia.Pastelia is a very pretty town, with lots of pastel colors, public works projects (PWPs) and flowers.

A fairy-tale streetlight and illuminated clock PWP in the dream town of Pastelia.

I saw an area separated from the rest with bushes. There was a sign there, so I went to go read it…and I fell into a pitfall. The sign says “Have a nice day.”

Me struggling in a pitfall next to a sign that says "Have a nice day."

But on the bright side, all of those bags on the ground are ice cream cones that you can eat. I ate every last one of them. 😀 Yum!

In fact, sweets (and food in general) are a common theme here in Pastelia. There are cafés and bakeries galore! This town makes me hungry!

A bakery in the dream town of Pastelia.A cafe in the dream town of Pastelia.This path leads to the house of Zoella, the mayor. Her character gives the link to Zoella’s Tumblr page: pasteliapeaches.tumblr.com.

A mouse on the face-cutout standee and a custom-design sign leading to Zoella's house in Pastelia.

There’s a cool bank in the basement where the bank tellers are gyroids. I guess that makes sense for an underground vault.

A bank vault in the dream town of Pastelia.If you’re looking for a pretty dream town to visit, definitely give Pastelia a look. The dream address again is 4100-2171-4940.

Marshal and Muffy stand by a cafe sign in the dream town of Pastelia.For more dream towns to visit, check out Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures.

Back in Forest…

As for my own town, the money I earned today kicked my bank account balance up to 82 million bells.

Your current balance is 82,000,000 bells.And tonight, I checked out some live music at Club LOL. K.K. Slider performed King K.K. for me. It’s actually a pretty boring song, I thought. But Sprinkle, Molly, and Shrunk seemed to enjoyed the performance. Shrunk in particular was really shaking his butt to the music.

K.K. performs a song as Jeff, Sprinkle, Molly, and Shrunk look on.Luna told me my most recent dream visitor was Gin-Zuki from New Town. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next time!

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