Pashmina Pitfall’d on Private Beach

I’ve been scanning more of my Welcome Amiibo cards lately, to check out their RVs at the drive-in campground. Tad the frog has a farming theme going on here, including a tractor and some cornstalks.

Tad's farming themed RV at the drive-in campground.Hopkins the bunny has a nice gaming room. He has a standing TV, a Wii U console, a disk writer, a giant Game Boy, and more. That round thing on the floor is a round cushion.

Gaming items (including a giant Game Boy) in Hopkins' RV.Paolo the elephant keeps clean in this spa room with a bathtub, glass partition, and modern wash station. Wait, I sound like I’m describing a showcase on The Price is Right!

Paolo's spa themed RV.While walking on the beach looking for snowflakes yesterday, I saw something unusual. I saw Pashmina up on my private beach! There’s no way to get there without swimming, and I’m pretty sure she can’t swim! Unless she fell off the cliff. 😛

Pashmina walking on my private beach.The situation turned more serious funny when Pashmina fell into the pitfall seed that was buried there!

Pashmina struggles to get out of a pitfall on my private beach.I then put my wet suit on and swam over to see her. Needless to say, she was not very happy. 😀

Pashmina, leaning forward angrily: Yeah. Sorry. I don't really feel like having a chat right now!When I put my money into my bank account, my balance reached 87 million bells.

Today, Squishy told me that her Re-Tail had perfect peaches as the premium item. So she opened up her gate for me. I gave Squishy one basket of perfect peaches, but I still had a lot left over. Enough to earn 906,000 bells, in fact! Nice payday! Thanks, Squishy!

Santa Jeff dances next to Squishy.By the way, if you want to check out the blog that Squishy and Beth run, it’s called Cosmic Acorns.

At the campground today, Harvey had this large tea table for sale. When I first saw it, I thought it was a trampoline! How cool would it be to have a trampoline in Animal Crossing? Make it happen, Nintendo! 😉

Harvey: Ah! So you're interested in my large tea table...My recent dream visitors have been Dawn from MistyBay, Lauren from Ambrette, Luna from Fantasy, Xavier from Quigley, and Alina from Mailand. Thanks for stopping by! I should be back on Sunday for New Year’s Day (and Bob’s birthday). Hope to see you then!

Pashmina’s Birthday

I got a letter from Jingle in the mail yesterday, thanking me again for the help on Christmas Eve. Since I made all of the deliveries perfectly, he sent me his picture along with the letter.

Today is Pashmina’s birthday, so I went in to wish her a good one. Bob was also there to help her celebrate. Wait, are they kissing?!

Pashmina and Bob celebrating Pashmina's birthday. Are they kissing?When I talked to her, Pashmina told me that Bob gave her a gigantic present! Ummm…

Pashmina: A little while ago, Bob brought me a gigantic present!
Really? Where is it?

She asked if I had a present for her too. So I gave her a customized outdoor sign, and she seemed to enjoy it. That was a relief, because I sure wasn’t about to kiss her!

I also spoke with Bob, and he said he helped Pashmina set up the party last night. So he’s been here with her since last night?

Bob: A huh huh huh! We set it all up last night, on my paws!I got another pack of Welcome Amiibo cards for Christmas; here’s a look at the cards I got this time.

My 2nd pack of Welcome Amiibo cards: Hopkins, Paole, Maddie, Maggie, Candi, and Tad.I got Hopkins, Paolo, Maddie, Maggie, Candi, and Tad. Two of them (Paolo and Maddie) were duplicates that I already got in my first pack last week. Tad is probably my favorite of the bunch, but Candi has been a long-time resident of my GameCube town. So I decided to scan her card first.

She seems to be running a store in her camper. She has a merchandise table, a basic display stand, a shopping cart, a shopping bag, a store shelf, a modern cash register, and more.

Candi's RV, which appears to be a small shop.Who said you can set up shop here? Do you have a license to run a business out of your RV, Candi?!

Candi: Hey! Do you want to see my driver's license? I have it. Don't laugh, OK...?No, a driver’s license isn’t the same thing! Don’t make me push you into the river again, mouse lady!

Anyway, Luna told me my most recent dream visitor was Miranda from Seacrest. Thanks for stopping by!

Toy Day 2016

Yesterday, I got Hamlet’s goodbye letter in the mail. He included his picture as well. But to my surprise, I also had another letter from him. It said to go ahead and dig up the time capsule I buried for him a few weeks back.

Heya! Could you dig up the time capsule from the other day? I've moved, and I forgot to dig it up. Feel free to keep the contents, Jeff! -Buffedly yours, HamletSo I dug it up and read the letter. It seems a bit sad seeing him talk to himself when he’s not even here any more.

Future Hamlet! When I bought these clothes, they had just gone out of style. But by the time you get them, they should be cool again! -Love, Vintage HamletI thought maybe I would wear the included shirt to remember him by…until I saw the shirt was a pink tartan shirt. I don’t miss him that much. 😛

Now that Hamlet is gone, a new animal started appearing on Main Street. That animal is Dizzy the elephant. He moved out of town back in April, so it was good to see him again.

Dizzy: Whoa! It's Jeff!I went around town, determined to get all of the Toy Day hints I could. While I couldn’t find Big Top anywhere, I did get both of everyone else’s clues. I figured that should be enough.

Today was Toy Day (Christmas Eve), and I soon met up with Jingle. He gave me the Santa bag, which was filled with gifts for the animal residents of Forest.

Jingle: Happy holidays!My job was to take each present to the correct villager. My first delivery went to Bob. He wanted green furniture, so I knew the lily-pad table had to be his. And indeed, it was.

Bob: A lily-pad table! I'm so happy! How did you know exactly what I was wishing for?

Pashmina wanted pink wallpaper, so she got the lovely wall. Rolf wanted beige furniture, so I gave him the pine chair. I gave Aurora black clothing (BB tee) and Lily pink clothing (heart tee). Agent S wanted a black appliance, so she got the wide-screen TV.

Agent S: This must be, like, the busiest night of the year for, Santa!
Well duh.

At this point, I had two rugs left and an electric guitar. I checked my catalog at the Emporium to verify which rug was which color (when making a list, it’s good to check it twice). 😉 Molly got the kitschy tile for her orange carpet and Camofrog got birch flooring for his white carpet.

Camofrog: Ooh, some birch flooring! I got just what I wished for! Yes!

That left only one thing: An electric guitar for Big Top. He was thrilled with it, and my work was complete. But before I could return to Jingle, I noticed the northern lights up in the sky.

The northern lights up in the sky as I sit on my metal bench near my illuminated tree in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

I soon tracked down the black-nosed reindeer, and he thanked me for all my help.

Jingle: Let's see... Yup, yup! You've indeed delivered everything perfectly, kid!

He then gave me a festive wreath, which I hung up in my house.

The festive wreath on display in my New Leaf house.

My recent dream visitors have been Em Bee from The Cove and Mayounna from Amy Rose.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you have a great holiday! 🙂 If you happen to get a copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Christmas (either for the first time or for a 2nd town), remember to start off your character right with the face guide!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!