Pashmina Pitfall’d on Private Beach

I’ve been scanning more of my Welcome Amiibo cards lately, to check out their RVs at the drive-in campground. Tad the frog has a farming theme going on here, including a tractor and some cornstalks.

Tad's farming themed RV at the drive-in campground.Hopkins the bunny has a nice gaming room. He has a standing TV, a Wii U console, a disk writer, a giant Game Boy, and more. That round thing on the floor is a round cushion.

Gaming items (including a giant Game Boy) in Hopkins' RV.Paolo the elephant keeps clean in this spa room with a bathtub, glass partition, and modern wash station. Wait, I sound like I’m describing a showcase on The Price is Right!

Paolo's spa themed RV.While walking on the beach looking for snowflakes yesterday, I saw something unusual. I saw Pashmina up on my private beach! There’s no way to get there without swimming, and I’m pretty sure she can’t swim! Unless she fell off the cliff. 😛

Pashmina walking on my private beach.The situation turned more serious funny when Pashmina fell into the pitfall seed that was buried there!

Pashmina struggles to get out of a pitfall on my private beach.I then put my wet suit on and swam over to see her. Needless to say, she was not very happy. 😀

Pashmina, leaning forward angrily: Yeah. Sorry. I don't really feel like having a chat right now!When I put my money into my bank account, my balance reached 87 million bells.

Today, Squishy told me that her Re-Tail had perfect peaches as the premium item. So she opened up her gate for me. I gave Squishy one basket of perfect peaches, but I still had a lot left over. Enough to earn 906,000 bells, in fact! Nice payday! Thanks, Squishy!

Santa Jeff dances next to Squishy.By the way, if you want to check out the blog that Squishy and Beth run, it’s called Cosmic Acorns.

At the campground today, Harvey had this large tea table for sale. When I first saw it, I thought it was a trampoline! How cool would it be to have a trampoline in Animal Crossing? Make it happen, Nintendo! 😉

Harvey: Ah! So you're interested in my large tea table...My recent dream visitors have been Dawn from MistyBay, Lauren from Ambrette, Luna from Fantasy, Xavier from Quigley, and Alina from Mailand. Thanks for stopping by! I should be back on Sunday for New Year’s Day (and Bob’s birthday). Hope to see you then!

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  1. Oh poor Pashmina! *dying laughing* I miss that goat.

    I may have to invite Hopkins to Quigley one day. Did you notice the back of his head? He’s inflatable!

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