My First Rodeo

On Sunday afternoon, I visited Arrested and saw Daisy there. I had a chat with her, and I found out it was my old Daisy! Even though I didn’t plan it this way, I’m glad to see she ended up in a friend’s town. And it was good to see her again. 🙂

Daisy: Remember me, li'l guy? It's Daisy! I moved to Arrested a while ago.Later on, Mike from Key West came over to order some items out of Hopkins’ RV. We hopped into the seats and I tried to drive Hopkins crazy. 😉

Hopkins is shocked when I blow the horn of his RV.Mike and I got some coffee and walked around town.

Mike stands by as I drink coffee next to my illuminated tree PWP.Over by the face-cutout standee, we had a grave situation. R.I.P. Mike (Rest in Pitfalls).

Mike falls into a pitfall behind my face-cutout standee.Yesterday, I found a new house plot behind the Roost. Rodeo the bull is moving in.

Sign: This spot reserved for Rodeo's new home. -Nook's HomesWhen Resetti showed up at the Roost for some coffee, I made no effort to get his order right. 😛 He was not pleased with me, and he made up some new swear words to yell at me.

Resetti: Twisted tunnel funk!The northern lights showed up in the sky above Forest last night, and I made sure to take some pictures from various locations around town.

The northern lights as seen from my metal bench.
The view from the central park.
The view of northern lights from near my tulip topiary and geyser.
Southwest park view.
The northern lights, instrument shelter, and open entrance to the Reset Center.
View from the Reset Center entrance behind Re-Tail.

I scanned Maggie’s Welcome Amiibo card and visited her RV. It wasn’t the pig sty I expected. She actually has a lot of gardening items in here; it looks nice.

Maggie's RV, which has a bunch of gardening items inside.Then today, I made my way over the new house and said hello to Rodeo. It turns out that he came from Arrested. I don’t particularly care for him right now, but maybe he’ll grow on me. If not, I could always grab my axe and make some hamburgers out of him. 😉

Rodeo: I'm Rodeo, and I just moved here from Arrested today!There was only one of my Welcome Amiibo cards that I hadn’t scanned yet, so I did that today. This is the RV of Boyd the gorilla. It seems to be under construction.

Boyd's RV with construction items.
His eyes creep me out.

That wrapped up my day in Forest. Just a heads-up for any Zelda fans: Amazon has the upcoming book The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts up for pre-order if you’re interested.

My recent dream visitors have been Sarah from Sunshore, Alicia from London, Stampy from St. Town, and Jacson from Gilford. Thanks for stopping by! Remember, Friday Night Forest is this week! So I’ll see you then, if not before.