Vivian Arrives

The fishing tournament was held yesterday. Even though I played too late to participate, I was able to catch the winners’ ceremony. Agent S was the overall winner, with a 6.4 inch pond smelt. Camofrog and Rodeo won 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

Chip: And in first place, with a deliciously stunning 6.40-inch pond smelt...At the Dream Suite, I visited TZ’s dream town of Hyrule. (She gave me her new dream address–4F00-0025-AAB7–during Friday Night Forest). I also added her updated address to the blog entry from 2014 in which I previously visited her town. I really like her new Splatoon themed room.

Splatfest time! It's Callie vs. Marie in TZ's Splatoon themed room.And in Marshal’s house there, I was able to make this 2 lamp look like it was hovering. 😛

A 2 lamp seems to hover in mid-air in Marshal's house.Back in Forest, I spotted my former villager Peck up on Main Street.

Peck: Heya, Jeff! I'm pumped about shopping today!I found Vivian’s house plot last night, almost exactly where Pasmina lived. It’s just one space to the right. I returned there tonight once the house had been built.

Sign on house: Vivian's HouseI then went inside to meet my newest neighbor, Vivian the wolf. She has an impressive jaw-drop that reminds me of Drago’s similar move. 😛

Vivian, with her mouth hanging wide open: Jeff! I'm here! I made it!
Welcome to Forest, Vivian.

Over at the campground, Harvey had a really huge milk canister for sale. It’s practically half a cow! It’s so heavy, how can I even moove it around?

Harvey: Ah! So you're interested in my milk canister...
Harvey has some big jugs.

My recent dream visitors have been Harvey from Cherry and Xavier from Quigley. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. I scan an Amiibo card frequently (not every day, but a few times a week), which earns me 5 MEOW coupons each time. And I don’t try to buy every new item, only the ones that interest me. So that’s how they accumulate.

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