Easy Tourney Win

I visited Beth’s town Acorn the other night, and I had a chat with her villager Chai. She said she accidentally gave herself a unibrow!

Chai: I tried to use a black marker to do my eyebrows...and I totally gave myself a unibrow by accident!Chai: That is SO not a look I'm into. If I was a cyclops? Sure, whatever, flap flap.But I really liked the red doorway when I entered Beth’s house.

Red light shines through the doorway as I enter Beth's house.Back in Forest, I’ve continued selling fossils to my villagers at Re-Tail. But last night, I noticed that I accidentally created a new monster dinosaur!

A new dinosaur? It's a mammoth skull and a megacero tail.It was actually a mammoth skull and a megacero tail. 😛

And outside, I saw that cherry blossom petals are now falling from the sky!

Cherry blossom petals falling from the night sky.Today, I started up the game at 5:57 p.m., just three minutes before the fishing tournament ended! I ran to the river, caught the first fish I saw, and then took it over to Chip. It was a crucian carp that measured 7.65 inches. To my surprise, Chip said it was a new record! He then gave me a library wall as my prize.

Chip: It's a new record! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!I didn’t fish any more, I just waited until the clock struck 6:00 and I entered Chip’s tent. My 7.65 inch fish held on and won the tournament! Keep in mind, this tournament wasn’t just for crucian carp, it was for any fish. That’s got to be the easiest tournament win ever. 😛

Chip: And in first place, with a rather nice 7.65-inch crucian carp...Back outside, Camofrog was really mad for some reason. I don’t know what his problem was.

Camofrog: Argh... Look, I'm in a bad mood.Camofrog: If you don't want to hear me say something mean, you should just go away! Ten-hut!

My recent dream visitors have been Kathy from Flowers, Jon Snow from Westeros, and Alec from Cuileann. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Easy Tourney Win”

  1. To be honest, now I’m going to set a challenge for myself – win the fishing tournament last minute. Well done, Jeff for winning the tournament!

  2. I just recently found your blog and I love reading about your dream adventures. I had found Pink Sea before the update and after the update I was unable to find it, so I very excited to see it again. I have always wanted a fairtale town since ACNL’s release date. I think those paths in her town would be great. I am still searching for them. I found some that are close to it, but would really love to have a link to hers.

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