Stop Sending Me Toilets!

On Saturday, Lily sent me this letter in the mail. She sent me a gift, but she was too embarrassed to give it to me in person. Uh-oh…

For Jeff. Shhh! I'm too embarrassed to give this to you face-to-face, so I'm sending it along with this letter. You'll have to open it up to see what's inside. Just don't tell anyone else! -Red faced, LilySo I checked the item, and it was…a super toilet! Great! Just what my SuperTurd needed!

A super toilet that was attached to a letter from Lily.Yesterday was Easter (Bunny Day), so I met up with Zipper T. Bunny over at the event plaza.

Zipper: Let's look for eggs! Let's look for eggs! They're hiding, so hunt if you dare!I’ve participated in the holiday several times before, so I had no intentions of collecting the entire egg set again. But I did dig up the buried eggs and smashed the extra rocks as well.

Two rocks next to each other on Bunny Day.I ate the eggs I collected, sold the candy that was inside, and redeemed my winning tickets for several pieces of egg furniture. I put them into storage, to be sold when furniture goes on premium at Re-Tail.

But even without selling the egg furniture yet, my balance reached 95 million bells!

Your current balance is 95,000,000 bells.Today, I got another letter in the mail. From Aurora this time. She sent me the “perfect present,” which she was really confident that I’d love.

A surprise for Jeff! I know this is out of the blue, but the other day I found the perfect present for you. This time I'm confident you'll like it. Really confident! ...I kept the receipt. Let me know. -Hopefully yours, AuroraI opened it up…and it was a potty! What is with my villagers? April Fools’ Day is over. Stop sending me toilets!

A potty in my inventory.
I guess I’m being a potty pooper.

Agent S told me she received a package by accident. It was addressed to Vivian, so Agent S asked me to take it to her. No problem. Once I made the delivery, Vivian told me it was a bamboo shoot that she had ordered.

Vivian: Oh, that's right! I ordered a bamboo shoot.But the problem was that she had already purchased another one, and she had no need for the 2nd one. So she offered to sell it to me for 2,579 bells! No way! They’re not worth that much, and I could easily get them right out of the ground anyway! When I told her I wasn’t interested, she said maybe she’ll just wear them as earrings.

Vivian: No? But what will I do with two of them? Well, I guess I can always wear them as earrings.
Now that, I’d like to see.

My recent dream visitors have been Blossem from Twilight, Val from Twoson, Evie from Llama, Star from Hilo, and Emily from Hyrule. Thanks for stopping by!

19 thoughts on “Stop Sending Me Toilets!”

    1. All I asked was that you not post using multiple names, especially if you’re going to use those names to ask about yourself. Keep the comments related to the entries (or at least Animal Crossing) and there’s no problem.

  1. Jeff post this on dream adventures not my town but my fav town yet

    The dreamy town of cherry
    This towns dream adress

  2. Btw jeff when I was in your dream town rodeo said he is going to knock every tree down with a axe until he finds a perfect fruit then eat the fruit and then knock down that tree and start looking knocking etc all when he wakes up
    This is bad news for me to he is also in my town

  3. You’re lucky. I had 5 toilets gifted/rewarded to me in my ACCF town. I fear that animals will only be able to send toilets and toilets will overpopulate Animal Crossing.

    1. Also, you wrote for twice in the the paragraph before you mention the people who visited your dream town. ‘So she offered to sell it to me for for 2,759 bells!’

  4. Hey I showed up and talked to all your villagers my players name is owen (but my real name is Zachary) why didn’t Luna mention me?

    1. I often get multiple dream visitors per day, and Luna only mentions the most recent one. So I can’t list everybody who visits, only the ones that Luna tells me about. But thanks for visiting!

        1. I’m going for the “natural” look so the wooden path works perfectly thanks Jeff for telling me about this and thank you Beth for making this

          1. Aww, you’re welcome 🙂 Glad you liked one of my designs!

            I’m doing the same as you, Jeff. Although my egg & festivale furniture is all over the train station, waiting for premium 😛

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