Camofrog’s Camouflage Paper

On Sunday, Camofrog sent me this letter talking about stationery.

Oy, Jeff! Have you tried using this type of stationery before? I thought it looked stylish and I liked it, so I bought it. I'm giving you the means, so write me back! GAHAHA! -CamofrogI didn’t think much of the letter, until I looked at what type of stationery he attached to the letter: It was camouflage paper! How appropriate for Camofrog.

Camouflage paper in my inventory.Aurora really wanted my men’s toilet, saying she had been looking for one for a long time! She offered to buy mine for 400 bells. I agreed to sell it, although I’m not quite sure how she’s going to use it.

Aurora: Oooh! Bucko! Is that your men's toilet?Meanwhile, Big Top was acting a bit weird. Apparently he was just hungry, but who does this when they’re hungry?

Big Top: Waaaah. Mwee mwee mwee.Yesterday, Boots was talking about kissing for some reason.

Boots: Ki-ki-ki-kisses! I can't stop thinking about how sour fruit puckers your lips up for kissin'!
Leave my lips out of this.

He was really just asking for fruit, so I gave him a perfect cherry. He thanked me by giving me a deluxe washer.

A bit later, Vivian asked me to make a delivery to Boots. Boots said it was the thing he lent to Vivian a million years ago! Wait, are you a gator or a dinosaur? 😛

Boots: It's from Vivian? Ha! Is it that thing I lent out a million years ago?This time, he gave me a blue flannel shirt.

Tonight, I visited Camofrog and his house looked a bit different inside. It’s because his light was actually on! Usually when I go in there, it’s all dark. Maybe he’s just usually outside at night, I’m not sure.

Inside Camofrog's house in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL) for Nintendo 3DS.

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Odd Animal Behavior

Yesterday, I was trying to make a delivery to Molly, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. So I ended up looking in the museum. I didn’t find Molly there, but I did find something a bit odd. Rolf and Octavian were both in the art gallery, hanging out next to the gallant statue.

Rolf and Octavian in the museum, hanging out by the gallant statue, man.
What are you doing, man?

When I spoke with Octavian, his cover story wasn’t very believable. He told me he was just there to do some shopping!

Octavian: Yo, Jeff! How you been? I'm just here to do some shopping!
Then where’s your shopping sack?

He then admitted that he likes coming in here because there’s no staff around to interrupt bother him.

Octavian: Every time I walk past this museum, I have to come in. I like how there's never any staff here.
Please don’t mess with the staff.

Back in town, Camofrog told me he can never resist buying a cradle. But why? If he has any kids, all he needs is a bowl of water to put them in.

Camofrog: I know this is a bad habit, but when I see a cradle, I gotta buy!He offered to sell it to me for 3,040 bells. That sounded like a lot, but I’m trying to get his villager picture, so I bought it anyway.

Tonight, wallpaper was the premium item at Re-Tail. I had three egg walls leftover from Bunny Day, so I sold them for a total of 53,328 bells.

Reese: Since I'm paying premium for all of these items today...the total is an amazing 53,328 bells! OK?After making my rounds, I went up to Club LOL to check out the Saturday night musical performance. I noticed Velma and Dizzy were both inside, but they were sitting on opposite sides of the room. Does that mean they don’t like each other very much? Well, not necessarily. Maybe Dizzy just had some gas.

Velma and Dizzy, sitting on opposite sides inside of Club LOL.

I asked for a random song, and K.K. performed K.K. Lullaby for me. Not what I needed when I was trying to stay awake!

K.K.: Enought tuning--let's groove. This next one is for you, Jeff. It's called K.K. Lullaby.

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Main Street Monkey

The other night, I spotted my former villager Elise on Main Street. Looks like I’ll be seeing her around for a while now, unfortunately.

Elise, on Main Street: Oh, Jeff! Fancy meeting you here. Just kidding. I knew you'd be here.
Please don’t stalk me, ugly monkey.

Yesterday, I spotted Vivian sitting on the metal bench in town. This is one of my favorite parts of town.

Vivian sits on the metal bench PWP in Forest.Later, I made a quick visit to Beth’s town of Acorn. Beth has grown since the last time I saw her.

Beth grows to giant size after eating a famous mushroom.We went to the Roost for coffee, and outside, I saw the light from the Roost sign shining under my head. I have no neck!

Jeff: I have no neck.Tonight, I was walking around Forest with a shovel in my hands. My newest villager Boots was afraid that I was going to dig some holes for him to fall into! I wouldn’t do that! Well okay, maybe I would…but I’m not being that mean to him just yet. 😉

Boots: Aha! You're planning on digging a bunch of holes for me to fall into, aren't you?I’ve recently posted my annual New Leaf slideshow to Youtube. It shows 210 of my best pictures from the past year. I hope you’ll give it a watch. It may feel like a trip down memory lane if you read this blog regularly. Feel free to comment on which picture(s) is/are your favorites! 🙂

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