Rodeo To Go

The other night, after I had been on a tree-shaking session, Agent S barged into my house. She said she got lonely for my face.

Agent S: Surprised to see me, huh? I just got, like, totally lonely for your face, no thanks!
THIS face?

After depositing some money into the bank last night, my balance reached 96 million bells. My goal of 100 million bells is within reach!

Your current balance is 96,000,000 bells.

Tonight, Rodeo let me know that he was planning on moving out of Forest on May 13th. I did not try to stop him; it’s time for some fresh blood in town. And that’s no bull.

Rodeo: Oh, mayor! Don't freak out, but I'm planning on moving away on the 13th of this month.Despite the rain and the late hour, Main Street was pretty crowded. Kabuki, Dizzy, Peck, and Molly were there, along with me and Digby.

A crowded Main Street, with Kabuki, Jeff, Dizzy, Peck, Molly, and Digby out in the rain.

My recent dream visitors have been Alec from Minic, Andi from Kiwii, Vanilla from Celestro, and Gabby from Platoria. Thanks for stopping by, and have a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Rodeo To Go”

  1. I’m loving this New Leaf blog! I think I’m a fan, it’ll help me with trying to get back into the game 😀

  2. Come on Jeff, you can reach 100 million bells! I know you can do it!

    The crowd in Main Street reninds me of the City in City Folk.

  3. Farewell, Rodeo. Hopefully you get someone new. Me, well… In January 2016 I let Flo go after having her nearly a year. Just over a month later Scoot moved in. He was wonderful, but I let him go last week after having him over a year, wanting some fresh blood in my town. During that time Flo appeared then disappeared from Main Street, cycled out. Somebody invited Scoot to her own town. The next day I saw a new plot in my town. It was Flo. She came back! I wanted NEW faces. Now I have three penguins (Iggly, Wade, and Flo)! Dang it! She’s definitely not a bad villager, but given I have three penguins, two uchis (her and Ursala), and several pictures already, I think Flo’s stay will be short-lived. At least it wasn’t Naomi again or *shudder* Jambette.

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