Dreaming of Pallet

Tonight, I made a dream visit to Weegee’s town of Pallet (dream address 4B00-0033-32C5). Actually Kiefer is the mayor’s name, but Weegee (another town resident) is the one who let me know about the town. As I arrived, I saw that a player named Wally was wearing an ice cream sundae on his head, and a standee welcomed me to town.

Using a face-cutout standee that says "Life's a party" and "Welcome to Pallet."

Wally has some really nicely decorated rooms in his house. Looks like a great place to live!

A room of sweets, also with a tea cup ride.Sleepy in a cloudy, dreamy, starry room.

I then spotted a sign nearby that warned me not to feed the otters! Sorry, Pascal. 😛

A sign showing Pascal says "Do not feed the otters."

Kiefer’s home is a haunted house, with several different spooky rooms. It’s great.

Kiefer, in a haunted house: That hand on your shoulder...A cemetary room in the dream town of Pallet.

The town is very colorful, with lots of flowers and a variety of path patterns. There are rainbow bricks, Tetris-like blocks, puzzle pieces, and even some Lego paths. I think those would be painful to walk on with bare feet, though! Ouch!

Standing on some colorful Lego block paths in the town of Pallet.

Another cool feature of Pallet is the town tune: It’s the chocobo song from Final Fantasy! I love it!

There are also helpful sign boards around town that point you to places of interest, like town hall, Re-Tail, etc.

A sign shows the location of town hall in the dream town of Pallet.If you’re looking for a good dream town to visit, give Pallet a look! The dream address again is 4B00-0033-32C5.

A Nintendo DS face cutout standee says "Have fun!"

Anyway, I made a brief visit to Beth’s town Acorn the other night. I made sure to beat up Bunnie while I was there.

Hitting Bunnie with a net.

Back in Forest, the campsite has been busy lately. Doc the bunny camped there yesterday, and then Zucker the octopus was there today.

Zucker: Hey! Are you from this town? I'm here camping!Lily asked me for some perfect fruit, and I gave her a perfect peach. So she rewarded me with a wooden box. How exciting. I was very crateful grateful.

Lily: Here. What do you think about my wooden box? I hope you like it!

My recent dream visitors have been Coraline from LA, Cat from CatVille, Elly from Esteria, Meldoy from Chilvill, and Erika from Hanamura.

One last note for today: I have now joined Instagram! So I’ll be posting some of my best Animal Crossing pics there, and other Nintendo stuff as well. Follow jvgsjeff if you’re interested.

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  1. Jeff has instagram? *makes an ACNL instagram account*

    Anyhoo, to the blog side of things, I’m not sure if Lily was calling you homeless from giving you a wooden box.. hmmm…

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