Last Rodeo

It’s moving day for Rodeo, so I went to say goodbye to him tonight.

Rodeo: I finally made up my mind! I'm moving out of this town!I then found Camofrog in Forest’s southwest park, sitting on a yellow bench among blue flowers. Did he mistake the bench for a lily pad in a pond?

Camofrog sits on a yellow bench in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.He said he was just thinking about life as the night winds blow.

Camofrog: I'm just sitting here thinking about life while the night winds blow. Yeah, I can be poetic too!I liked the sound of that, so I joined him for a few moments.

Camofrog and Jeff sitting on a yellow bench in ACNL.

I made a rare Saturday night trip to Club LOL, to take in a music performance from K.K. Slider. Octavian and Velma were there, but they seemed a bit confused. They apparently thought they were shopping, not listening to music.

Octavian: Yo, Jeff! Good deals today! Nothing like scoring a good bargain!

Velma: Heh. You caught me, Jeff. I'm totally over my budget this month, but here I am shopping anyway.
You’re listening to music. And the show is free.

Anyway, K.K. performed Mr. K.K. for the three of us.

K.K. Slider performs for Octavian, Jeff, and Velma in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

My recent dream visitors have been Samzyy from Banana, Lexi from Hoofton, and Mayounna from Amy Rose. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. ……. I have no comment on Velma and Octavian… the music is free. And they were about to listen to music.

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