New Boots

On Sunday, I got Rodeo’s goodbye letter in the mail. I wish him well, wherever he may end up. And I always love that Super Mario Bros. 3 stationery. 🙂

To my pal, Jeff, At long last, it's moving day for me. On one hand, I'm excited about living in a new town. On the other hand, I'm sad to be leaving this one... It's really confusing my feet. Best wishes! --RodeoSunday was Mother’s Day, so I also received a letter from Mom. She sent me some pink carnations.

Now that Rodeo is gone, I had room for another villager in town. And I knew who I wanted. Ever since I bought my first pack of Welcome Amiibo cards, I knew I wanted to invite Boots into Forest. So I scanned his card on Monday, and he showed up at the campground. He was more than happy to move in.

Boots:'s really happening?!
Impressive jaw drop.

His house plot showed up yesterday, and he moved in today. His house is behind the Roost in the center of town, right next door to Molly. I’m pleased with his house location.

Sign on house: Boots's HouseI welcomed him to Forest. I think we’re going to be friends…as long as he doesn’t eat me.

Boots: I moved here just like I promised when we met up at the campground.Over by town hall, Camofrog asked me to take something to Vivian. I saw her walking just a few feet away, so I gladly accepted the easy task.

Vivian: What? My package was delivered to Camofrog?
Pete needs to be more careful.

The package contained a chef’s outfit. But Vivian had already ordered another one, so she offered to sell me this one. I went ahead and bought it, since she only wanted 435 bells for it.

My recent dream visitors have been Betsy from Hootvill, Oscar from Aimée, Sarah from Twinkle, and Tyler from Kieraton. Thanks for visiting!

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