Late Night Chats with Bob & Boots

When I visited Aurora tonight, she was talking about the men’s toilet in her house. She tried to say that she ordered it by mistake!

Aurora: I ordered it by mistake! I got an ordinary toilet delivered as well!That is a total lie. She got the toilet from ME, on Wednesday!

I spoke with Boots outside, and he was looking really tired. He seemed to be ready for bed.

Boots: Yo! Jeff! Time to hit the hay and save some juice for tomorrow, munchie.
As you can see from this picture, fireflies are now in season for the rest of June.

When I visited Bob, I was surprised to see he had a date over! Vivian was there with him, as Bob glared at me through his aquarium. 😛

Vivian and Bob hang out in Bob's house.Apparently, he’s got his hands full.

Bob: Vivian is visiting too! Being popular is super sweet, on my paws.When I went back outside, I ran into Boots again. He didn’t take his own advice to sleep, and he was still walking around like a zombie. At least that may explain what he said next.

Boots: You know, I heard someone call you "Jeff" once. I'm, like, "That's a weird thing to call Jeff!"
Go home, you’re drunk.

Bob’s date must have ended, because I found him outside alone. He asked me for an eel that he let get away.

Bob: I can't stop thinking about this one eel that got away, on my paws. I really miss it!I happened to see an eel in the river just a minute or two later, so I caught it for him. He rewarded me with a stepladder.

I caught some bugs (including a few bees) and gathered up some fruit from around town. After selling it all, I put my bells in the bank. My balance has now reached 98 million bells!

Your current balance is 98,000,000 bells.

My recent dream visitors have been Heston from King Boo and Abbey from Abbville. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!