Camofrog’s Birthday

On Saturday, I found Ankha camping at the campsite! This is the third time I’ve seen her camping here, and all three times, my town has been full. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get her someday.

Ankha: Hey there, I'm Ankha. I'm just in Forest camping for a little while.
Yeah, but a little while to you could be 1,000 years.

Last night, Camofrog wanted to show me his bathtub!

Camofrog: Listen up! I wanted to show you my bathtub.I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, but he was actually offering a trade. He wanted to give me his bathtub in exchange for my ruby. Even though it wasn’t a fair trade for me, I went ahead and agreed to it.

Today (June 5th) is Camofrog’s birthday! So I made sure to visit him; Bob was also there at Camofrog’s birthday party.

Camofrog: Yo! Are you here to celebrate my birthday too?!For his present, I gave him a customized lovely love seat. He didn’t seem thrilled by it, but he still seemed grateful to have me and Bob as good friends.

Camofrog: Whether it's you or Bob, I really feel like a lucky guy to have such great friends. Hermano!
Anytime, bro. Now give me your pic please.

Bob also seemed to be having a good time.

Bob: Seeing Camofrog so happy makes me happy too. Birthdays are like gifts that everyone can enjoy!My recent dream visitors have been Kat from TanTan and Sara from Cute. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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