99 Million Bells on the Wall

The other day, Beth had a furniture as the premium item at the Re-Tail in Arrested. So she invited me over to sell some stuff, after I moved some items between towns for her. I sold a bunch of ice, Pavé, and egg furniture that I had in storage.

Reese: Since I'm paying premium for all of these items today...the total is an amazing 328,656 bells! OK?That earned me over 600,000 bells in total.

I was shaking trees one evening, trying to catch some bees. One of those times (after already being stung once), more bees came at me after I shook their tree. I backed away, got my net ready, and swung. Success! I caught the bee…or so I thought, for a moment.

I caught a firefly! Now I'm glowing with pride!Oops! I actually caught a firefly and not the bee! You can still see the swarm of bees on the left side of the screen. Needless to say, they stung me once again after I pressed the A button. 😛

Bob invited me over to his house on Wednesday, so I paid him a visit. He asked if I would like to buy anything of his. But he quickly retracted the offer when I gravitated to his eel.

Bob: HUH?! I didn't think you'd want my eel.On Thursday, Butch the dog was camping at the campsite. He’s one of my favorite dogs in the series, but of course my town is still full.

Butch: I didn't do any research or anything before choosing a place to camp. I think I lucked out with this town!Today, I earned enough money to bring my bank account balance up to 99 million bells!

Your current balance is 99,000,000 bells.
If one of those bells should happen to fall…

Tonight, I went up to Club LOL and enjoyed a K.K. Slider performance of K.K. Flamenco. Elise and Sprinkles were also there, sitting on opposite sides.

K.K. Slider performs for Elise, Jeff, and Sprinkles.

My recent dream visitors have been Connor from Fysellyn and Izzy from Agatha. Thanks for stopping by!

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