Camp Like an Egyptian

Last night, I went to visit Boots inside his house. He was actually asleep, as he was standing up. Of course, I woke him up. 😛

Boots: ...Zzzz... Whaaa...?!Today, I was surprised to find Ankha at the campsite once again! She was just here last week! This makes four times that she has camped out in Forest, and all four of those times were times that Forest was already full.

Ankha: Hey there, I'm Ankha. I'm just in Forest camping for a little while.I noticed that some of the bushes in town are blooming now. This little yellow butterfly seemed to enjoy the flowers.

A butterfly flies by the blooming bush.Up at Able Sisters, I bought this lightning tee. This shirt was part of an outfit I used to wear a lot.

Jeff wearing the lightning tee in Able Sisters in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL) for Nintendo 3DS.Camofrog asked me to make a delivery to Aurora, and I agreed to help out. Especially since Aurora wasn’t very far away. The gift was a rainbow tee, and Aurora put it on right away. In fact, she was still in sight as I told Camofrog the news.

Aurora: Really? Aurora already started wearing it? I guess I must have done a great job!

As I was wrapping up my game, I heard a balloon present flying overhead. I got my slingshot out and shot it down. I found a modern chair inside.

A balloon present pops as I shoot it with my slingshot in ACNL.

My recent dream visitors have been Lunarica from Moontown, Cat from Petal, PooBinGo from Poopsvil, ZebraKit from Fantasia, and Jamie from Mossdeep. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m okay with just going with whatever happens. It would have been nice to have her, but she’s certainly not the only villager I’d like to add to Forest, and I’m not going to go to much trouble to get her. I currently have another villager in mind for next time I have a vacancy anyway.

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