Boots’ Big Bug-Off

The Bug-Off insect-catching competition was held today, but I played too late to participate. However, I was able to catch the winners’ ceremony. Boots won the contest with a spider, believe it or not! Rolf finished in 2nd place, and Bob was third.

The Bug-Off winners ceremony, with Boots as the winner, Rolf in 2nd place, and Bob in 3rd place.

One of my initiatives today was to work a shift at the Roost. But since today was an event day, I couldn’t work at the Roost.

Barista Booster Initiative: There's nothing like waking up every day to some extra cash! Pick up a part-time job at the Roost.After 8:00, I went to Club LOL to enjoy some live music. Once again, two animals (Tom and Dizzy this time) were sitting on opposite sides of the club.

Jeff joins Tom and Dizzy (sitting on opposite sides) for a musical performance from K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.I asked K.K. for a random song, and he performed Bubblegum K.K.

After stopping at the Emporium to order a couple of items, I went out to the island. I did some fishing and some bug-catching, as I tried to earn a little extra money.

I caught a blue marlin! What a true darlin'!Once I returned to town and sold my catches, I found an extra 165,000 bells in my pockets. I then put that money into the bank. I’m only 350,000 bells away from reaching my goal! I think I should be able reach it by next week! 🙂

Alex from Rose, Hunter from Pearton, and Ale from Hidden have recently visited my dream town. Thanks for stopping by!