Favors for my Forest Friends

Last night, I spotted my first tarantula of the year. I got my net out, and approached it slowly. But when I swung the net, my swing was apparently blocked by my zen bell. I missed, and the tarantula attacked me!

Jeff passes out after being bitten by a tarantula in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.Big Top asked me to make a delivery to Bob today, and he said to deliver it before the end of tomorrow. That seems like an unusual way of phrasing that.

Big Top: Make sure you deliver it before the end of tomorrow.So I took the package over to Bob, but not before…turning into a red balloon?

Jeff is hidden behind a red balloon present flying by, as he delivers Bob a present from Big Top in ACNL.But since I incorrectly guessed what was inside the package, I didn’t get a reward for the favor. And when I shot down that balloon present, it only contained a balloon dresser. Double disappointment.

Rolf told me he wanted to stay up all night drinking cherry cola with me. I’m not sure I understand why, but…thanks? I guess?

Rolf: I feel like I wanna stay up all night sipping some tasty cherry cola with you! Why is that?!

Boots asked me to catch a stag beetle for him, so I headed out to the island. Sure, you can catch stag beetles on the mainland this time of year too, but it’s much quicker on the island. Besides, I caught a few extra valuable bugs (and a shark) to make the trip worth my time. Boots just rewarded me with a pot rack for the bug.

Boots, surprised: A saw stag!Vivian asked me for a new catchphrase, so I told her to say “in a cup.”

Vivian: Waiter! Come here, in a cup! I think there's a fly in my popcorn, in a cup!I chatted with her again, and she asked me for some fruit. I gave her a perfect orange, and she thanked me by giving me a patchwork table. Seems like I did a lot of favors for my villagers tonight.

Vivian: Can I do something else for you, Little J, in a cup?

My recent dream visitors have been Pixistar from Msp, Hunter from Place, and Mayounna from Amy Rose. Thanks for stopping by!