Giving Boots His Own Chair

On Monday, which was the day after Agent S’s birthday, the superhero squirrel sent me this thank-you note. She included her picture with the letter. Of course I already had her picture, but that’s a nice gesture. I don’t recall getting a villager pic in a letter that wasn’t a goodbye letter before.

So like you, Jeff! You have to be a present-picking pro or something! A personal shopper, maybe? How else would you know exactly what I wanted! Take this as a thank-you, OK? -Like it? From Agent S

Camofrog asked me for a new catchphrase on Tuesday, and I told him to say “frog you!” It works especially well when he looks angry like this.

Camofrog: But I'm not gonna lose to the weather! I'm not gonna lose to anything! Frog you!

Yesterday, I saw Vivian just standing perfectly still in the flowers behind Rolf’s house. I think she was going #1.

Vivian stands motionless in the flowers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.
This little wolf went wee wee wee, all the way home.

Boots asked me for some new furniture, so I headed into Re-Tail to see what was available. I found a nice rococo chair…that Boots himself was selling. Hmm, would he mind if I gave him the exact chair he was trying to get rid of? I bought it to find out.

Reese: Oh, the rococo chair? This item belongs to Boots right here in Forest.I took it over to Boots, and he had a surprised reaction.

Boots: What?! A rococo chair?!But not only did he like it, he even said that it looks new! 😀 😀 😀

Boots: This is fantastic! And it looks new!He rewarded me with a chocolate fountain.

Tonight, Boots asked me for another favor. This one was more specific: He wanted a saw shark, and I decided to help him out. I went out to the island, and started fishing for sharks. I was catching hammerheads and regular sharks, but it wasn’t until my 8th shark that I caught a saw shark. Well, at least I can sell the others for some bells.

I caught a saw shark! And yet it didn't see me coming!I returned to the mainland and took the shark over to Boots. He seemed shocked that I actually caught it for him.

Boots: What?! A saw shark?!My reward this time was a polka-dot low table. I’m hoping to get his picture sometime soon. We’ll see.

My recent dream visitors have been Elisa from Shibuya, Star from Cosmo, Timber from Xing, Sabrina from Kingdom, and Ben from New York! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

One other note: I saw this cool Crazy Redd T-shirt on Amazon. Seems legit. 😛

4 thoughts on “Giving Boots His Own Chair”

  1. Wow. This blog and the forum page thing was my life in 2013/14. I cannot believe it is still here I’m literally going to cry ok bye

  2. I’ve pulled some “re-gifting” shenanigans with my villagers, though when possible I’ve had Cyrus refurbish the item before I gave it back to whoever had tried to sell it. In that case they’re just thrilled to get a custom piece.

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