Shopping for Campers

Last Saturday, I got Lily’s goodbye letter in the mail. She included her picture with the letter. With Lily gone, I’ve now started to see Daisy up on Main Street! She’s a good dog.

Daisy: This is a nice part of town for both shopping and just taking a casual stroll around, bow-WOW.I forgot to mention this last time… But now that December is here, the shop sells glow wands and party poppers. I already have one of each glow wand in storage, but I always enjoy firing off party poppers.

Tommy: Ah, a party popper! A fine item, yes?I found Hornsby sleeping on the metal bench one night. He said he was brainstorming ways to stay awake, and it was so boring that he fell asleep. 😛

Hornsby: I'm awake now! I promise!Hornsby: I was brainstorming ways to stay awake, and it was so boring that I immediately fell asleep.Now that Forest has a villager vacancy, that means I’m able to “shop” for one each time there’s a camper in town. And I’ve actually had a couple of campers this past week. Unfortunately, they haven’t been anyone that I’ve wanted to invite to town.

Alice: Hello. I hope it's all right that I've decided to camp here. You have a lovely town.
No thanks.
Lucha: I'm not anyong suspicious!

Still, it’s nice to have the option. My town has been full for so long that I haven’t had the opportunity for ages.

Today, I found a lost item on the ground.

A lost item on the ground in Animal Crossing: New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS.

I started asking my villagers about it, and I soon reunited it with its owner, Rolf. For returning the item (a book), Rolf gave me a checkered tee.

Rolf: Man, you saved my life!

When I ran into Bob, he told me he would be moving away on December 16th. But I changed his mind for him. I’m not letting him leave…yet.

I’ve been asked to include a link to my first New Leaf entry, so here it is: Moving In. Check it out if you’d like to relive the early days of Forest.

My recent dream visitors have been Dan from Yolk, Logan from New Leaf, Alfredo from Smithson, Wayland from Waypoint, Lily from Animala, and Kimo from Kaorie. Thank you all for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Shopping for Campers”

  1. thank you 4 including link! I restarted (and got 9.6 million bells from Tom Nook) and guess who was in my town? … … … BBBBBBOOOOOOOOBBBBBB YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! *heff*… *heff*…

      1. I recently, however, have been plagued with… *drumroll* CANBERRA! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN! Oh well, at least its not Tabby.

  2. Hi Jeff I was just wondering, now that you have room in your town, If you ever got O’Hare as a camper would you let him in? Just curious 😛

      1. Okay I was just curious. He is one of my favorite villagers in town, because he was the first villager to move in. I’ve had him the longest out of all my villagers, and he was the first to give me his picture! He’s given me 9 pictures of himself lol. I’m just extremely attached to him 😛

  3. Aww… Alice is a treasure. But I have a soft spot for her as she’s the Aurora of my town, my last day one resident.

    Don’t let Bob go! (At least, don’t let him go until he’s off my Main Street and I have room again. I miss that cat. 😛)

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