Black Anchor Tee

Since last time, I’ve received my black anchor tee (from Inkwell’s RV) in the mail. It plays a bit of guitar music (the Splatoon theme) when you put it on. I like it…even if it is a cold thing to wear in winter. 😛

Wearing the black anchor tee from Inkwell's RV.

Agent S paid me an unexpected visit one night. She brought me a gift…a bamboo shoot. Or is that some bamboo shoot? 😛

Agent S: My mother taught me never to show up empty handed. Here's some bamboo shoot!

She hopes that I love it…if she dies.

Agent S: Go on. Dig in! I hope you really love it, if I die.

Last Saturday, Bob asked me to catch a pill bug for him. I found one on just the 2nd rock I banged, so I took it to him. He rewarded me with a noble shirt.

Bob: Awesome! I can't believe you actually caught one of these for me, daddy!

I’m really enjoying his “daddy” catchphrase I gave him. 😛 It’s a catchphrase I first gave him in ACCF back in 2011. But I think it’s funnier now than it was back in 2011. 😛

Bob: I was trying to open my drawer with my foot, and I stubbed my toe, daddy.

While I was talking to him, he mentioned that Rolf has ticklish feet. The interesting part was that Rolf walked by right us as he said it!

Rolf: Not to be a big old gossip, but I heard that Rolf has really ticklish feet!

After putting some money into the bank, my balance reached 105 million bells.

Your current balance is 105,000,000 bells.

I still had a party popper in my pockets, so I fired it off into the train station today. Ignore that item on the ground; it’s a zodiac dog I’m holding for Merka.

Firing off a party popper in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Agent S told me she wanted to move out on January 20th, but I made her change her mind.

My recent dream visitors have been Malice from Lavender, Yuné from Kasama, Bella from Cool Bay, Cass from Kasey, Sage from Enville, Rosa from Bruchtal, and Goomba from Blue Sky.

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