Festivale 2018

Last night, I chatted with Hornsby near the town fountain. He said it would be amazing if melted cheese came out of the fountain. Even as someone who likes cheese, I find that idea very disgusting. Sorry, Hornsby. I’m just glad that’s not an official public works project. 😛

Hornsby: Our town's fountain would be totally amazing if melted cheese came out of it.

At Able Sisters today, I recreated a design of Tortimer that was actually sent out as DLC for City Folk in 2009. It was originally called “Mayor’s flag,” but Tortimer isn’t the mayor in New Leaf. So I just called it the “Tortimer flag.” I’ve also added it to the QR Codes page here at JVGS.

QR code for a Tortimer flag.

Of course, Today is Festivale! Confetti falls from the sky, and the animals dress up in silly hats when they go outside.

Big Top: When I woke up this morning, the sky was pouring confetti!
At least it wasn’t pouring melted cheese.

Boots: Let's whoop it up and get this little town hopping!

Pavé the gyrating peacock can be found at the event plaza, shaking his tail feathers. Viva Festivale, everyone!


Among the confetti falling from the sky, you will also find feathers. When you find three feathers matching Pavé’s requested color, you can exchange them for a piece of Pavé furniture.

Pave: You did good for Pave. Pave thanks you and gives you this Pave lamp!

The villagers will sometimes play games with you to win or trade feathers. But I just hunted around town the catch the ones floating in the air.

Agent S was inside her house, and I was starting to fear she was going to party too hard. 😛

Agent S: It's the one day when I can dance like a complete fool and no one will blink an eye, if I die!

Since I was spending a lot of time outside, I encountered a few balloon presents. I shot this one down right behind Pavé.

Shooting down a balloon present behind Pave.

I continued catching feathers, and I played until I had acquire five pieces of the Pavé set: I got the floor, chest, closet, and two lamps.

Pave: You did good for Pave. Pave thanks you and gives you this Pave closet!

If you played during Festivale, I hope you had a good time and got all the furniture you wanted!

Aurora: Today's the celebration of dance and music called Festivale! Don't be shy! Just dance and have fun!

My recent dream visitors have been Amanda from Bunny and Mayounna from Amy Rose. Thanks for stopping by!

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    1. Yeah, lots of good memories. 🙂 I plan on re-watching them all again at some point this year too…especially since this year will be ACCF’s 10th anniversary.

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