Hopkins the Inflatable Bunny

In a previous comment, Xavier informed me that Hopkins the bunny was inflatable! So I had to check it out for myself. I scanned his card again, entered his RV, and took a good look. And sure enough, there’s a spout (is that the right word?) on the back of Hopkins’ head! I wonder if he knows. I’m not going to be the one to tell him; he might feel deflated.

Hopkins: Did you hear?! Hopkins is in town! Hey, that's me, thumper!
So is he a pool toy or an Easter decoration?

That probably makes Hopkins the lightest villager in Animal Crossing. I tried to get him to stand on a scale, but he said no weigh.

Beth came over to visit earlier this week, and unfortunately, she brought Katie with her. My hatred of Katie started back in ACCF, when her presence made my UFO hunting more difficult. But she still annoys me with the way she hangs around day after day if you don’t take her anywhere.

Katie, to Beth: But you being all nice like this makes me feel really good!Lily the frog had an unusual request for me: She wanted Rolf!

Lily: Bring Rolf to me, OK?So I fetched the overgrown kitty cat and brought him to Lily’s pad. Lily asked Rolf if he put a jewelry box in her mailbox. Rolf said yes, and Lily thanked him for it.

Rolf, to Lily: Did it come out of your mailbox in good shape? I had to really jam it in there to get the box closed.Lily thanked me for fetching Rolf by giving me her baby bed. But why did she have a baby bed?

Lily: I'd like you to have my baby bed as a thank-you gift.

I was quite surprised when I went into the lost and found at the police station, and found a space suit! Was this Gulliver’s?

Copper: Looks like you've got yourself a space suit there. Do you want to keep that item?

Today, Lily asked me for some new furniture. I gave her a swinging bench that I bought from the drive-in campground. I’d love to see it in her house, and take it for a test ride. She thanked me by giving me a stripe wall.

Lily: Oh, a swinging bench! Nice!After 6 days, it was time for to change out of my New Year’s Eve tuxedo. So I bought this zipper shirt and put it on.

Mabel: Oh my, you look marvelous!I’m continuing to search for updated versions of dream towns featured in Jeff’s Dream Suite Adventures. And today I discovered that “Freak” has re-uploaded the dream town of Funkytwn! It’s the town with Colonel Sanders on the town flag, and lots of cool rooms like the cosmic bowling alley and the game show set. The outdoors is beautiful too.

The fountain and illuminated clock PWPs in the dream town of Funkytwn.

According to Luna, my recent dream visitors have been Finn from Tumbles, Licha from Snowdin, RetroBoy from Happyhoe, Joey from Hyjal, Sindy from Tony’s, and Chanelle from Burton. Thank you all for visiting, and I hope you have a great weekend!

Zodiac Rooster & Bob’s Birthday

Last night, Beth invited me over the New Year’s Eve celebration in her town of Acorn (which is five hours ahead of me). I put on my tuxedo and headed over. Squishy was also there, and we all celebrated the arrival of 2017.Happy New Year! I hope this year is filled with fun and friendship for you all!Me blowing my tweeter to celebrate the New Year in Acorn with Squishy and Beth.At one point, Filbert pushed me away from the plaza! He’s stronger than he looks! 😉

Filbert pushes me away from the New Year's Eve celebrations in Acorn.
I like how two squirrels are celebrating in the town of Acorn.

Perfect oranges were Re-Tail’s premium item back in Forest, so Squishy and Beth returned to 2016 (briefly) to sell some perfect oranges in my town.

I didn’t watch the countdown in my own town, though. I was playing Wild World instead. But I did return to New Leaf later and saw a few of the fireworks.

2017 fireworks on New Year's Eve in ACNL.Today, I got a letter in the mail from Mom, wishing me a happy new year. She included 10,000 bells with the letter.

While there weren’t fireworks today, I did spot the northern lights up in the sky. Lots of reasons to keep looking up lately.

The Northern Lights above Forest.Isabelle was at the event plaza, talking about how she wishes she could fly free like a bird. Are you not happy with your job here, Isabelle?

Isabelle: Something about a new year makes me wish I could fly free, like a bird. Wouldn't that be so much fun?She was actually referencing 2017 being the year of the rooster. A Zodiac rooster was the item she was handing out for the new year. I took it home to get a look at it.

Looking into the eyes of the Zodiac rooster item from Isabelle.

Between my perfect peach money from the other day and today’s monthly interest on my bank account, my balance topped 88 million bells.

My villagers all wished me a happy new year, although no one said it quite like Camofrog.


Today is also Bob’s birthday! So I made sure to pay him a visit and attend his birthday party. I gave him a customized square minitable for his present. I hope he liked it.

Bob, at his birthday party: A square minitable?! Whoa! I did NOT expect this.Pashmina was also there (sporting a Wii U shirt).

Pashmina: The birthday kid is the main event, but we'll have a good time too! Goat away!Not surprisingly, Bob had food on his mind. He couldn’t wait to dig into his birthday cake.

Bob: I can't wait to get at that birthday cake, on my paws!Happy birthday, Bob! And Happy New Year to you!

My recent dream visitors have been Adeline from Argyle and Ashley from Wendell. Thanks for stopping by!

Pashmina Pitfall’d on Private Beach

I’ve been scanning more of my Welcome Amiibo cards lately, to check out their RVs at the drive-in campground. Tad the frog has a farming theme going on here, including a tractor and some cornstalks.

Tad's farming themed RV at the drive-in campground.Hopkins the bunny has a nice gaming room. He has a standing TV, a Wii U console, a disk writer, a giant Game Boy, and more. That round thing on the floor is a round cushion.

Gaming items (including a giant Game Boy) in Hopkins' RV.Paolo the elephant keeps clean in this spa room with a bathtub, glass partition, and modern wash station. Wait, I sound like I’m describing a showcase on The Price is Right!

Paolo's spa themed RV.While walking on the beach looking for snowflakes yesterday, I saw something unusual. I saw Pashmina up on my private beach! There’s no way to get there without swimming, and I’m pretty sure she can’t swim! Unless she fell off the cliff. 😛

Pashmina walking on my private beach.The situation turned more serious funny when Pashmina fell into the pitfall seed that was buried there!

Pashmina struggles to get out of a pitfall on my private beach.I then put my wet suit on and swam over to see her. Needless to say, she was not very happy. 😀

Pashmina, leaning forward angrily: Yeah. Sorry. I don't really feel like having a chat right now!When I put my money into my bank account, my balance reached 87 million bells.

Today, Squishy told me that her Re-Tail had perfect peaches as the premium item. So she opened up her gate for me. I gave Squishy one basket of perfect peaches, but I still had a lot left over. Enough to earn 906,000 bells, in fact! Nice payday! Thanks, Squishy!

Santa Jeff dances next to Squishy.By the way, if you want to check out the blog that Squishy and Beth run, it’s called Cosmic Acorns.

At the campground today, Harvey had this large tea table for sale. When I first saw it, I thought it was a trampoline! How cool would it be to have a trampoline in Animal Crossing? Make it happen, Nintendo! 😉

Harvey: Ah! So you're interested in my large tea table...My recent dream visitors have been Dawn from MistyBay, Lauren from Ambrette, Luna from Fantasy, Xavier from Quigley, and Alina from Mailand. Thanks for stopping by! I should be back on Sunday for New Year’s Day (and Bob’s birthday). Hope to see you then!