Back-to-Back Birthdays

Rolf was sitting on the metal bench on Thursday night, thinking about life as the cold winter winds blow.

Rolf: I'm just sitting here thinking about life while the night winds blow... it's pretty cold!
The wind, or life? Either way, you’re right.

Last night, I spotted the northern lights up in the sky. The entrance to Resetti’s Surveillance Center was open, but I didn’t bother visiting the angry mole.

The northern lights in the sky, and an open manhole on the ground.

Yesterday was Vivian’s birthday, so I made sure to attend her birthday party. We had a howling good time.

Vivian: Hey, I've been waiting for you! Now we can start the party for real. For lunch!

Aurora was also there to help her celebrate. I gave Vivian a seven lamp that I bought at Re-Tail for her birthday present. She thought it was fantastic! I have no plans of making any lamp countdowns in her house, though. 😛

Vivian: Wow, a seven lamp! You really know what I like. It's fantastic! For lunch!
For lunch? Well, I guess it’ll be a light meal.

After the party, I did a little designing at Able Sisters. I recreated the guard’s uniform, which is what Copper and Booker wear in City Folk and Wild World. In City Folk, this design was sent out as DLC.

Jeff wears the guard's uniform in Able Sisters.

The design is available on the QR Codes page if you’d like to use it for yourself.

Then today, I got a letter from Vivian, thanking me for the present (and for attending her party). She sent me an alpine lamp.

But there was another birthday today, Aurora! So I attended her party, and guess who was there? Vivian! Not only are their birthdays on back-to-back days, but they both attended each other’s party. They must be best friends.

Aurora: I'm so happy to spend my birthday with my friends.

I gave Aurora the alpine lamp as her birthday present. She thanked me for it, but she didn’t seem as enthusiastic about it as Vivian was. Oops. 😛 Oh well. Happy birthday, Aurora!

I checked out K.K. Slider’s Saturday night show, and I found Dizzy and Velma in there (sitting at opposite ends, of course). I asked K.K. for a sad song, and he played K.K. Dirge for me.

K.K.: Here's a jam that makes the blues seem like old news... K.K. Dirge.
I’m sad, not dead!

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Pond Smelt Tourney

Near my town tree, I recently swapped out an old chocolate heart and replaced it with some sparkling cider from New Year’s Eve. Now my dream visitors can enjoy a drink as they explore Forest.

Some sparkling cider near my town tree for dream visitors.

Today, Chip was overseeing the first fishing tournament of 2018. But the fish had to be a pond smelt, or it would be ineligible.

Chip: This month's Fishing Tourney is all about the pond smelt!

My intention wasn’t to win the tournament, but just to catch one pond smelt and maybe get third place (since I never got the third-place trophy). The first fish I caught was a bitterling; no good. But the second fish was indeed a pond smelt.

I caught a pond smelt! It could sure use a bath! 6.65 in.

I took it over to Chip, and to my surprise, my 6.65 incher was a new record! Oops. Getting the top spot was never this easy when I was actually trying to win. 😉 But at least I got a free TV out of it.

Chip: Oh, that's right! Let me give you a puffer-fish TV in honor of your new record! Great!

I returned after 6:00 for the awards ceremony. As expected, my fish held on to the top spot, and I won the tournament. Boots got 2nd place and Vivian was third.

Chip announces Jeff as the winner of the fishing tournament in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
The smelt dealt me a win.

Back outside, Boots told me his secret dream. No, it’s not what you might think. His dream is to own a ptera right wing. Crazy guy.

Boots: My secret dream is to own my own ptera right wing...

Coincidentally, I just happened to be carrying around a ptera right wing in my pockets. 😛 So I sold it to him for 5,400 bells.


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If you enjoy seeing villagers fall into pitfalls, then check this video out. It’s from City Folk, not New Leaf, but I think it’s something any Animal Crossing fan may enjoy. 🙂

Black Anchor Tee

Since last time, I’ve received my black anchor tee (from Inkwell’s RV) in the mail. It plays a bit of guitar music (the Splatoon theme) when you put it on. I like it…even if it is a cold thing to wear in winter. 😛

Wearing the black anchor tee from Inkwell's RV.

Agent S paid me an unexpected visit one night. She brought me a gift…a bamboo shoot. Or is that some bamboo shoot? 😛

Agent S: My mother taught me never to show up empty handed. Here's some bamboo shoot!

She hopes that I love it…if she dies.

Agent S: Go on. Dig in! I hope you really love it, if I die.

Last Saturday, Bob asked me to catch a pill bug for him. I found one on just the 2nd rock I banged, so I took it to him. He rewarded me with a noble shirt.

Bob: Awesome! I can't believe you actually caught one of these for me, daddy!

I’m really enjoying his “daddy” catchphrase I gave him. 😛 It’s a catchphrase I first gave him in ACCF back in 2011. But I think it’s funnier now than it was back in 2011. 😛

Bob: I was trying to open my drawer with my foot, and I stubbed my toe, daddy.

While I was talking to him, he mentioned that Rolf has ticklish feet. The interesting part was that Rolf walked by right us as he said it!

Rolf: Not to be a big old gossip, but I heard that Rolf has really ticklish feet!

After putting some money into the bank, my balance reached 105 million bells.

Your current balance is 105,000,000 bells.

I still had a party popper in my pockets, so I fired it off into the train station today. Ignore that item on the ground; it’s a zodiac dog I’m holding for Merka.

Firing off a party popper in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Agent S told me she wanted to move out on January 20th, but I made her change her mind.

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