K.K. Island

When I checked my mail today, I got a letter from my friend Wendy. And the letter played a song! It was the Song of Healing (from Zelda). Apparently, you can do that with melody paper. I never even paid attention to that stuff before!

Timmy: Ah, some melody paper! A fine item, yes?While working in the cafe today, I had two out-of-towners come in for coffee. One was Kiki, the black pig-like cat who I grew to like when she lived in my City Folk town. The other was Baabara, who just recently mocked me viciously in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing.

Baabara: I'll have a coffee, please. Mocha roast!Tortimer also came in for coffee. I didn’t have any notes on him, so I had no idea. He hated the coffee, but appreciated the customer service.

Tortimer: Hey there, sprout! Gimme a cup of coffee to go!I only earned good coffee beans today, which is quite unusual. But that’s what happens when you don’t have notes on the day’s customers. After work, I went outside and had the best conversation imaginable with Katt! That’s right! She’s moving out of town!!!

Katt: I've got a secret! I was gonna keep it quiet, but I feel like I should tell you. I'm moving this summer.At first she was just saying she would move this summer. But then she gave a specific date: July 31st. Awesome!

Katt: Pretty soon, actually. You're stuck with me until the 31st of this month.As for my other least favorite villager, Tabby, she wanted to give me a new nickname: Dumpling. Heck no!!

Tabby: OK, here it is! Dumpling! Snappy, right?I had her call me killer instead. Except the game wouldn’t let me enter “killer,” so I had to use a special character for the “i.”

Tabby: The sun's gone down, but you just keep going, killer!Later on, I went to see K.K. perform at Club LOL. I got a tip from Alyssa on Youtube to request K.K. Island, so I did.

K.K.: K.K. Island's a secret song...It plays the song from the island in the GameCube version of Animal Crossing. Pretty cool! This is what the CD album cover looks like:

The CD album cover for K.K. Island.

Street Lamp

I got my aurora screen in the mail today, and I put it in my upstairs room. It looks really nice, especially when the room lights are off.

My aurora screen on display in my New Leaf house.I also got my gift from Gulliver. He sent me a tuk tuk from Thailand.

The tuk tuk that Gulliver sent me from Thailand, next to my Eiffel tower.When I talked to Big Top, he asked me to dig up his time capsule. I didn’t mess it up this time! I returned it to him, and it contained a taiko drum, which he then gave to me.

Big Top: It's my taiko drum! I never thought we'd see each other again!In the Roost, Tabby compared milk to glitter. She said you don’t want too much of either, but you can’t go completely without them. What is wrong with her?

Tabby: Milk is kinda like glitter--you don't want too much, but you can't go completely without it. Am I right?I caught a dorado in the river, and Molly wanted to trade her tank top for it. I like Molly and all, but I’m no fool.

Molly: So would you consider trading your dorado for my orange tie-dye tank?I then went up to Re-Tail, where I displayed today’s superb coffee beans with an asking price of 7,500 bells. Tex came in, and immediately said that was affordable price and he bought them!

Tex: Are you the owner of the superb coffee beans? What an affordable price!After that, I went to go see my new public works project, the street lamp.

My new street lamp PWP, next to my yellow bench.I also attended the ceremony for the street lamp. But there’s only one person on the left side. And where the other person would be, the edge of the cliff is there.

Everyone fires party poppers at the completion ceremony for the street lamp PWP.Does this mean someone (hopefully Tabby or Katt) is underwater celebrating along with us? I can only hope.

At 10:00, I opened my gate for Friday Night Forest. Wendy, Valeria, and Daisy came over to play. We hung out in my upstairs “heaven” room, using all the items up there to make noises and sound effects and music. We also played my harp for a little while.

My visitors and me playing with my harp.We later went over to my new park. Daisy was digging holes around the bench, so that Wendy and I would fall into them when we got off of the bench. I had to get my revenge by planting a Daisy.

Daisy struggles in a pitfall as Jeff points out he planted a Daisy.We also had way too much fun using emotions tonight. But 3 out of 4 Animal Crossing players think using emotions is a bright idea.

The four of us with light bulbs above our heads. All but Wendy's were lit up.We went out to the island for a while for fish, bugs, and a couple of tours. On the way back, Leilani told me to dance my face off. Shouldn’t that be my butt? Unless she’s saying my face looks like a butt?

Leilani: Yo ho ho! If ye get the urge to dance yer face off, don't ye be fightin' it!Back in Forest, Wendy and I hid in my new room and gave Valeria and Daisy five minutes to find us. Unfortunately, we got disconnected. But I reopened, and everyone came back. Valeria found us before the new extended time limit ran out. We then went crazy with the emotions again, with Valeria collecting my tears. There was also a lot of mischief.

Jeff, Wendy, Valeria, and Daisy using the mischief emotion.We went into Big Top’s house and hung out for a while. I’m afraid Big Top isn’t the most observant elephant…

Big Top asks me if any guests are visiting right now, as his house is filled with visitors walking around and in his bed.We went back outside and had a good, old-fashioned net fight. Benedict told me if I was stressed, I should end the multiplayer session. 😀

Benedict: If you feel stressed, just press START and select End the multiplayer session.But before I did, we went to Club LOL to dance our “faces” off. The atmosphere in there was electrifying.

The four of us in Club LOL with light bulbs appearing above our heads.

Flower Clock

While working in the cafe today, I saw a new out-of-town animal I haven’t seen before: Diana the deer.

Diana: Oh, this coffee is so smooth! And the flavor...no doy!

Outside, Tex was telling me how he should be the star of a play about his life.

Tex: For example, you could stage an elaborate play based on my life! And I could star in it!And over in Re-Tail, I was trying to make Cyrus jealous.

Me using the love emotion by Reese.He didn’t respond. But Tabby came in, and I got her to buy my superb coffee beans for 6,000 bells.

Tabby: Since you're right here in front of me, I can just pay you directly, right?But after that, I went to go see my new town project: the flower clock!

Everyone fires party poppers at the completion ceremony for the flower clock PWP.I really like it as part of my new park. But I’m not done yet! I’m also putting in a street lamp next to the bench. You’ll still be able to see the flower clock right behind it.

The spot I chose for my street lamp, near my yellow bench and flower clock.The street lamp was affordable, so I paid it off. It will be done tomorrow.

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the street lamp project! It should be complete tomorrow!After that, I headed up to Main Street. T.I.Y. had an exit sign…that didn’t say exit. It looks nothing like an exit sign.  I’d sooner assume it was an “intoxicated mayor doing the Shrunk Funk Shuffle in the doorway” warning.

Timmy: Ah, an exit sign! A fine item, yes?When I was done shopping, I went up to the Happy Homes Showcase. I had a new SpotPass home; it belonged to Lindsey from Autumn.

Lindsey: I'm Lindsey from Autumn. My home is over at North 7. Let's go exploring!It’s a really nice house, with lots of cool items I like.

A room with space items and a wide-screen TV in the SpotPass home of Lindsey from Autumn.But I only ordered one thing: the aurora screen in the basement.

The aurora screen in the basement of the SpotPass home belonging to Lindsey from Autumn.After I was done there, I returned to town. My last stop of the day was the beach; Gulliver was washed up there, and he was apparently on his way to Thailand. The clue mentioned elephants and soup; it was one of the toughest I’ve seen yet, and I’m actually lucky I got it right. Sorry, I didn’t know what types of soup people in Thailand eat.

Gulliver: ...Thailand! That's right! It was Thailand! I was headed to Thailand!I’ll be back with more tomorrow! In the meantime, feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you think my park is looking. I have more room for projects to the left, but I’m not sure what else I’ll add after the street lamp.