Harry’s Last Day

Today, Yuka asked me why I was carrying a shovel around.

Yuka: Why are you carrying around that heavy shovel, Jeff? Looking for buried treasure?So I showed her.

Yuka, stuck in a pitfall: Ahhh! Somebody help me!After that, she was mad for some reason.

Yuka: The rage... It burns. GRRRR!I didn’t want to be around her negativity, so I went looking for the money rock. On the way, I spotted Katrina’s tent and went inside. She mentioned a police station, with a dog officer working at a desk…

Katrina: A police station with a full lost and found...She said that a “tank” is the key. Apparently I’m supposed to wear a tank top, but then what? I don’t quite understand how Katrina works in New Leaf just yet. I didn’t have a tank top anyway though.

A bit later, I went in to say goodbye to Harry. Today is his last day in Forest.

Harry: This'll be my last chance to see your gloomy face.
Like you can talk, Mr. Neverending Mustache.

Aurora asked me to make a delivery to Rory, and I agreed to do it. She gave him an aqua polka tank. He thought it was fabulous.

Rory: Take a look at this! Look how it flatters my fabulous abls! My "fabs"!He gave me an explorer tee for helping out. I then returned to Aurora, although it seems that I didn’t have to. Gift recipients give you rewards in New Leaf, much like they did on GameCube. You don’t have to return to the animal who sent the gift to get rewarded like you did in City Folk. But the always-cheery Aurora was happy to see me all the same.

Aurora: Yaaay, it's Jeff again! The sun might have gone to sleep, but that doesn't mean we have to!I then went up to Main Street to do my shopping for the day. It was too late in the day to get a new emotion from Shrunk, but I stopped in Club LOL anyway for a quick dance. Tex was in there too.

Dancing in Club LOL.My fortune cookies gave me a 1-up mushroom and a Varia Suit. I’ve already received both of those before. But since Big Top had asked me for some furniture for his house, I gave the 1-up mushroom to him. He seemed happy with it, and he gave me a ramshackle floor in exchange.

A ramshackle floor on display in my house.After that, I made a house payment at the post office. I still owe a lot of money on my house though, so I won’t be getting the next house upgrade for a while yet. And with that, I wrapped up my night in Forest.

Nintendo has put out another Inside the Treehouse video, episode 5. This time they talk about what it’s like to be mayor of your town. Check it out if you’d like:

That’s all for today, but check back tomorrow for another update. And thank you for visiting! 🙂

Club LOL & Dream Suite

Today I got a letter from Gulliver, who is currently in the Netherlands. He sent me this Kinderdijk windmill as a gift. And yes, it spins.

The Kinderdijk windmill that Gulliver sent me from the Netherlands.I saw on the town bulletin board that Club LOL was now open! I wasn’t expecting that, since I didn’t notice seeing any construction up yesterday. And the Dream Suite is also done today! Here’s a picture of the two new attractions.

My new attractions on Main Street: The Dream Suite and Club LOL!I went inside Club LOL first. Shrunk was there, and he thanked me for the help in making his club a reality.

Shrunk: Thanks to you, I was able to open up my very own live venue.He said that he’s retired from comedy now, but he still feels the urge to get back on stage and start telling jokes sometimes.

Shrunk: I retired a while back, but even now, when I see a stage, I can feel it just calling to me. "Shruuuunk," it says!As you probably know, his “jokes” are just excuses to teach you emotions. And if you give him a piece of fruit to eat, he will perform one joke for you. I had a cherry in my pocket, so I gave him that and he performed his “greetings” routine.

Shrunk: I figured it would be rude not to respond, so I did a "Hey, long time no see!" right back.After he was done, he gave me a joke book that I can use to record his jokes. It’s really just a new icon that shows up on the bottom screen. Clicking it will take you to your emotions, which you can use at any time. So I now have the “greetings” emotion, so I tested it out.

Me testing out the greeting emotion in Club LOL.Apparently, I can go back each day for another joke/emotion. The live music portion of the club doesn’t start until 8:00 p.m., so for now, I headed over to the Dream Suite next door. I met Luna, who told me how the dreams work.

Luna: This is the luxurious Dream Suite, where we offer you relaxation within your stressful life...You sleep on the bed, and in your dreams, you can visit other towns. The human mayor won’t be actively playing of course, but you will see a dream version of them walking around. You can choose towns by region or you can enter a dream code to enter a specific town. There’s also an option to let Luna pick a town for you, but this option didn’t seem to be working yet. Probably because there aren’t many towns in the database yet, since the game isn’t out yet.

But I listed towns by region and chose to go to a town called Saria. So I got on the bed and Luna turned down the lights…

Luna: Now... I'm going to... turn down the lights...And then she started counting sheep for me…

Luna: One...sheep... Two...sheep...I fell asleep…and then woke up. I was in Saria.

Luna: Welcome to the world of dreams... Right now, you are having a dream of a sleepy town called Saria.A fountain was nearby, with some flowers around it. It looked really nice.

A fountain and flowers in the dream town of Saria.Because this is a dream, nothing you do will have a lasting effect on the town. You can borrow tools from a gyroid, but I don’t see much point to it since nothing you find or catch can be taken back to the real world. So what can you do? You can explore, you can go into homes for decorating ideas, and you can talk to the villagers. For example, I met Lopez, who was well aware that this was a dream.

Lopez: Besides, this is just a dream. Just go with it, buckaroo.I also met an unusual-looking yellow rabbit named Mira.

Mira: What's going on, dude? Where'd you roll in from?Another note about the dream world; you can’t shop.

Re-Tail: Temporarily closed forever.Once I was done exploring, I returned to the bed by the town tree. I was ready to wake up.

Luna: Oh my... Are you ready to wake up?That was an interesting adventure. But my day was not over yet! I then returned to Club LOL to watch K.K. perform!

Me in Club LOL watching DJ KK perform some jazz.At one point, I noticed K.K. had a picture of me, as well as my town logo, on the screen in the background. How did he get those?

Pictures of me on the screen behind DJ KK at Club LOL.Shrunk was in the corner dancing (or trying to). He told me to dance by pressing the different directions on the control pad. So I danced!

Learning to dance in Club LOL.It was pretty fun, actually. I imagine it will be even more fun with a group of friends. Once I was done, I headed over to T&T Mart. One of my fortune cookies was good for a blue Pikmin! It matches my shirt!

Wearing a blue Pikmin hat that I got from a fortune cookie.I then returned to town and went into town hall. Isabelle told me about the ceremony to celebrate the opening of the Dream Suite. Sure, why not?

The completion ceremony for the Dream Suite. Luna showed up for the party.And I talked to Yuka, who told me she was proud of her legs!

Yuka: Would it surprise you if I said that I'm pretty proud of my legs?Well they’re a little blue and furry. It turned out she was talking about how fast she can run. She was bragging about being the fastest koala in Forest. Well I wish she would use those fast legs to run right out of town.

That wraps up my day in Forest. But Nintendo has put out a new episode of their Inside the Treehouse series. It’s episode 4, and it’s about house customization. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:

Meteor Shower

I got to witness my first meteor shower in Animal Crossing: New Leaf tonight. The shooting stars are brighter and stand out more than they did in previous games. They look really nice.

A shooting star flies by during the meteor shower.Big Top was out walking around, and he asked me for a piece of fruit. I found a peach for him and he gobbled it down.

Big Top, eating a peach: Down the hatch!He gave me an aqua polka tee to thank me. A bit later, I spotted Gulliver on the beach.

Gulliver: Mmmm... Lizzy... But you were my lobster...And just like last time, he went a bit overboard with the puns.

Gulliver: Oh, man. I think my cage got rattled pretty bad. I'm feeling a little birdbrained at the moment.Gulliver: Get it? Cause I'm a bird...? HA! HA! HA! I quack me up!Anyway, his clues indicated he was on his way to the Netherlands. So he will send me a gift from there soon.

I was on my way to Main Street when the railroad crossing signaled the train was about to cross. So I had to wait for the train to go by before I could pass through.

Me having to stop and wait at the railroad crossing.In Nook Homes, I talked to Lyle; he confirmed that basements are not judged with the rest of your house in New Leaf.

Lyle: If you got a room, they'll grade it. Everything but the basement.And over in T&T Mart, my fortune cookies were good for a Blue Falcon and a 1-up mushroom.

Timmy: Ah, congratulations! The prize for Number 34 is great--a Blue Falcon!Then I decided to try something out. I had one fossil (amber), two peaches, and a zebra turkeyfish in my pockets. I wanted to compare the prices of T&T Mart and Re-Tail. Timmy offered me 1,440 bells for those items. I then took them to Re-Tail, where Reese offered me 1,800 bells for those same items! So I’m going to avoid selling things to the little Nooklets from now on. Unless Re-Tail is closed and I need money, of course.

Anyway, I returned home to take a look at my Blue Falcon.

The Blue Falcon (from F-Zero) on display in my house.By now, my battery light on my 3DS was flashing red, meaning my battery was about to die out. So I stopped playing at this point.

Nintendo has released a third video in their Animal Crossing New Leaf series, Inside the Treehouse. This time, they talk about what it’s like when you first move into town. Check it out if you’d like:

UPDATE: I started up the game again tonight to see how much more money I needed to donate for the Dream Suite. Since I was just a few thousand bells away, I did some fishing for a while. I also saw Harry walking around outside.

Harry: That's how new ideas are born! So let's birth some ideas! GAHAHA!I just smiled, nodded, and slowly walked away. After a couple trips back to Re-Tail, I had enough money! I went to the train station and gave Lloid the donation. I then returned to town hall, where Isabelle confirmed that the Dream Suite would be done tomorrow!

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the Dream Suite project! It should be complete tomorrow!And with that, I’m off to bed. Check back tomorrow for more!