Garden Shop

Today is Mother’s Day, and I got a letter from Mom. She sent me a pink carnation to celebrate the occasion.

Pink carnations I got from Mom on Mother's Day.I went into Nookling Junction, and Tommy told me that they’re having a preremodeling sale. So tomorrow, the store will be closed for remodeling, and it will reopen on Tuesday as a bigger store.

Tommy: Welcome! Welcome! Today we are holding a special preremodeling store-closing sale!I then went next door to check out the new building. It’s a garden shop.

The new garden shop on Main Street.They sell flower seeds, saplings, and watering cans. This clown-like sloth named Leif works there. This shop is very small; I wonder if he ever feels like a mime trapped in a box.

The inside of the garden shop, along with its owner, Leif the sloth.Next, I decided to take a trip out to the island. First, I tried the Easy Item-Matching Tour. By digging up buried items, you must match pairs of identical items. And you can only hold one item at a time, so it’s a memory-based game. I completed the game and won a Gold Tortimer award and six medals.

Tortimer: For your AMAZING performance, you've earned a Gold Tortimer award and 6 medals!After that, I tried a beetle-catching tour. I caught nine beetles and won another Gold Tortimer award and six more medals. I didn’t go on any more tours after that, but I did a little fishing and bug-catching on the island. Once I returned to town, I sold my catches and I earned enough to finish paying off my face-cutout standee.

Lloid: Please look forward to the completed project!On my way to town hall, I talked to Fuchsia. And again, she called me girlfriend. I introduced her to my net.

Fuchsia: Jeff, what gives?! You're no amateur! Don't just swing wildly like that!I really don’t know why her default catchphrase is girlfriend. Hello, Nintendo, there are guys that play Animal Crossing too! Once I got to town hall, I first talked to Isabelle across the counter to report Fuchsia’s bad language. She said she’ll take care of the problem (by washing Fuchsia’s mouth out with soap). Good.

Isabelle: Say no more. I'll make sure to wash Fuchsia's mouth out with soap.And once I sat down at my mayor’s desk, Isabelle confirmed that my face-cutout standee will be completed tomorrow. Hooray!

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the face-cutout standee project! It should be complete tomorrow!Thank you all for reading! I’ll be back with another update tomorrow! 🙂

UPDATE: I redeemed my two play coins for a fortune cookie. I got fortune #41, which was good for a Wii Balance Board!

Tommy: Ah, congratulations! The prize for Number 41 is great--a Wii Balance Board!The Wii Balance Board on display in my New Leaf house.

Tribal Mask, My Bridge, and a New Development

Today, I got a letter in the mail from Gulliver. He told me he’s in Kenya, and he sent me this tribal mask. Unfortunately, letters in ACNL show up on the bottom screen, so you can’t take pictures of them with the in-game camera. But here is a look at the tribal mask:

The tribal mask I got from Gulliver in Kenya, on display in my house.And there was a message on the bulletin board saying that my cobblestone bridge was complete!

Bulletin board: Thanks to everyone's generosity, Forest has finally completed the much anticipated new cobblestone bridge!So of course, I had to go take a look at it. This bridge connects my house (in the northwest part of town) to the town hall (in the southwest part of town). So it’s much easier to get to my place of employment. This is my second bridge; I can actually add one more, which I would likely put at the eastern side of town. But that’s not a priority, so that can wait a bit.

My new cobblestone bridge.I headed over to town hall, and Isabelle told me she arranged a little celebration to commemorate the new bridge. So, back to the bridge I went. But then she demanded a speech! speech! speech! from me. I was not prepared for this! Is it too soon for me to retire from public life? Or maybe I should demand on the recount of the election votes. They’ll see I didn’t have a single vote, so I shouldn’t be mayor and won’t have to give this speech!

Isabelle: First up, we have an incredibly short speech from our very own mayor!But fortunately, the speech was actually just a multiple-choice, one sentence phrase. I can do this! After I finished my sentence speech, Isabelle told everyone to GO! She was actually telling them to fire off the party poppers she gave them ahead of time. Yay!

Firing off party poppers at the completion ceremony for the cobblestone bridge.With that project completed, I was able to start another one. I chose to put a face-cutout standee near the train tracks. This will be a fun one that future Wi-Fi visitors will probably enjoy. It’s also cheaper than the bridge, so it shouldn’t take too long to fund.

Isabelle: To help us gather donations to fund the face-cutout standee is our helpful town gyroid, Lloid!A bit later, Rory offered to trade me a karaoke system for my blue-stripe tee.  Even though I still liked my shirt, I decided a shirt for furniture was a good deal, so I agreed to the trade.

Rory: I'll trade karaoke system on my team. Blue-stripe tee on your team comes over to me.After that, Big Top had an unusual request for me. He asked me to bury a time capsule somewhere in town. I buried it in the northwest corner of town. I’m not sure what this is all about, but I suppose I’ll find out sooner or later.

Big Top: Oh, brain-flash time! Maybe you could bury it for me! What do you say, Jeff?And it was raining in Forest today, but nothing can dampen Aurora’s spirits.

Aurora: Good morning, Jeff. Rain can be so gloomy sometimes. But it does freshen the air.She asked me to buy an A shirt for 444 bells. I wasn’t about to turn her down.

Me wearing an A shirt in the rain.On Main Street, there is a new development…literally. Nook Homes is in the process of building something new! Could it be Club LOL? I hope so! I’m guessing I’ll find out tomorrow!

A blue tarp covers a new development on Main Street! What could it be?I didn’t make a trip to the island today, but I did shake a few trees. One of them had a bee! Oh no! My first instinct was to run, of course. But then I thought, I’ll need to catch a bee at some point, so I might as well at least give it a try. So I whipped out my net, waited for the bee to come at me, and swung….. I GOT IT! Awesome!

I caught a bee! Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz!Later on, I went to meet my newest neighbor, Katt. Oh my, what have I done to deserve animals like this?

Katt: So, uh, you're Jeff, right? I knew it! Yeah, I couldn't wait to move here after hearing about you!I was in the Re-Tail store later, as was Yuka. She wanted to buy a bed that was on sale and she asked my opinion. I told her she shouldn’t buy it. It was so cheap, that there must be something wrong with it. 😉 Or maybe I just wanted her to suffer and sleep on the floor. *heh heh horf*

Yuka: Yeah, you're right. This is either a mistake...or there's something wrong with the item. I'll pass.My last stop of the evening was the museum. I donated my bee and three fossils I found today. Good news! The triceratops is complete!

A complete triceratops in the Forest museum.That’s all for tonight, but check back tomorrow for all of the latest developments!

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Gulliver and an Earthbound Reference

Today, I decided to try making a pattern for the first time in New Leaf. I made my JVGS logo. One nice thing is that you can hang a pattern directly on the wall if you’d like.

Sitting in my house with my JVGS pattern hanging on the wall.I then went outside to check on my cherry trees that I planted yesterday. Good news! It looks like all three of them are going to survive! I’ll soon have some foreign fruit trees in Forest. That will help me earn more money.

My three baby cherry trees, alive and well.At town hall, I displayed my JVGS pattern as my flag.

The JVGS logo as my town flag.While walking around, I saw Gabi out fishing.

Gabi: Hmm... When I'm fishing, I think of all sorts of deep stuff. Like, stuff that's out of my depth!And down on the beach, I saw a familiar face…Gulliver!

Gulliver: Zzzz... I can't believe how seriously unconscious I am right now...He shared some puns with me.

Gulliver: "Canoe" believe it? "Buoy" that was a close one!And then he makes a reference to Earthbound, by mentioning fuzzy pickles. For those who don’t know, the cameraman in Earthbound would tell Ness and friends to say “fuzzy pickles” as he was taking a picture.

Gulliver: Oh, man! This sure is a fuzzy pickle! I'm in way over my head here!Although you don’t have to shoot down a UFO in New Leaf, you still have to work for Gulliver’s gift. He gave me some clues, mentioning animals such as giraffes, and then asked me which country he was talking about. He was talking about African animals, so Kenya was the correct choice.

Gulliver: ...Kenya! That's right! I was headed to Kenya over in Africa!But he didn’t give me the gift just yet. He said he’ll send it to me, although it might take a while.

As I returned up the ramp to town, I saw a construction site. Katt will be moving in tomorrow. A web search reveals that Katt is a cat…a very ugly cat.

Sign: This spot reserved for Katt's new home. -Nook's HomesIn the Able Sisters, I bought the clown mask to look like a jester.

Me wearing my new clown mask in Able Sisters.I also stopped by my town tree and saw that it’s growing quite nicely.

My town tree has grown.Yuka asked me to catch a roach for her. I told her no.

Yuka: No? It wasn't that big of a request. But if you can' can't. Maybe another time, Jeff.And then I was informed that a villager wanted to move out. Of course, it was Aurora, my favorite villager! Why her?

Aurora: So I wanted to talk to you about something... I'm leaving town on the 15th of this month.I told her not to leave, and fortunately, she agreed to stay.

Aurora: I was about to make a big decision based on a whim! Thanks so much for making me reconsider!I then went to the island to do some fishing so I could earn some money. Oh look, a new type of fish, a giant trevally!

I caught a giant trevally! Pfff. I've seen bigger!I then caught a dab, or so I thought…

I caught a dab... Huh?But the game was just psyching me out! It’s an olive flounder.

Just kidding! It's an olive flounder! Make up your mind, fishy!I already had trouble telling those two fish apart, so you’re really not helping me, Nintendo. 😛

Shortly after that, I caught my first shark! It was a saw shark.

I caught a saw shark! And yet it didn't see me coming!When I had enough fish, I returned to Forest. I stopped at the museum to donate my new catches, and then sold the rest. I earned enough money to pay off the bridge!

The project's donation goal has been met!My last task of the day was to return to town hall. I talked to my assistant Isabelle, and she confirmed that my bridge would be completed tomorrow! Great!

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the cobblestone bridge project! It should be complete tomorrow!That’s all for now. But please come back tomorrow night for another update. Have a good weekend, everyone!