The Great Pyramid

Late last night, I caught my first piranha.

I caught a piranha! Or did it catch ME?!As for today, I finally deleted my Dude and Dudette characters that I used to make my New Leaf Hair Guide. And while working in the cafe, I got Tabby’s order perfect. She mentioned that I must be keeping notes on her. Sadly, it’s true. This job requires it.

Tabby: Have you been taking notes on me or something? It's like you have me all figured out, what am I?!I then went south to see my new pyramid! It’s pretty cool, but the size isn’t exactly overwhelming.

Standing next to my new pyramid PWP.As expected, you can see it from the beach…

My new pyramid PWP, as seen from the beach.…and the dock.

My pyramid PWP as seen from the dock.It looks nice though, and I’m happy with it. But I’m hoping my villagers will start suggesting some new projects now though!

A bit later, I ran into Tabby…who seems to be losing it. She said she heard flowers telling her that she wasn’t cute. Oh, it’s not just the flowers saying that.

Tabby: I just overheard these flowers gossiping about me, Jeff. It was so MEAN what they said!So she asked me if she was supercute.

Tabby: They said I wasn't supercute! Please tell me I've still got it. I'm irresistibly cute, right?I told her no, but she wouldn’t hear it. Her denial fits right in with Forest’s new Egyptian theme. So she kept asking me over and over!

Tabby: You said I'm the cutest girl around... In this town... Or any other... RIGHT, Jeff?Eventually all the options were a form of “yes,” even if it was a sarcastic “Sure you are…” response, so I had to go with that. With that awkward discussion over with, I headed to town hall. It was time for the pyramid’s completion ceremony.

Firing party poppers at the completion ceremony for the pyramid PWP.Next, I made a trip up to Main Street. I had received my calm painting in the mail from Crazy Redd, and it turned out to be real! So I donated it to the museum and had a look at it in the art gallery.

Description of calm painting: This is an example of pointillism. The scene of the crowd is actually made entirely out of small dots.And in Nook Homes, I saw something I wanted…for the first time ever. I decided to splurge on the astro exterior.

Tom Nook: That astro exterior is a sample used for renovating your exterior walls, hm?In T.I.Y., I purchased some medicine for Aurora. She’s been sick, so I wanted to help her out.

Aurora takes some medicine.My friend Wendy wanted to come over and shop, so I opened my gate briefly. She brought Katie with her.

Katie: OK, I'm gonna go see what Forest is all about! So long, friend!After Wendy was done shopping, I closed the gate. I remembered that I still needed to feed Shrunk, so I took him a peach. He taught me the love emotion.

Shrunk: But little does she know... I love feeling like a big joke!I only need two more emotions!

Using the love emotion in Club LOL. I heart it.And I recently discovered that my modern clock project lights up each hour! During the hourly chimes, the empty middle part has rainbow-like lights that scroll diagonally. Even though the lights only last for 10 seconds or so, it’s a nice, surprising little feature.

Watching my modern clock light up at the top of the hour!UPDATE: I opened my gate tonight just before 11:00 to let some people see the modern clock light up in person. Unfortunately, we got disconnected at 10:59, so we missed it. I reopened my gate for an hour though. Wendy, Annissa, and Aaron came over. We joined up at my pyramid.

Wendy, Jeff, Annissa, and Aaron standing at the pyramid project.Wendy and Annissa trapped me there, so I tried to cut through the pyramid to escape. It didn’t work out so well.

Awwwww! My axe broke...After hanging out in my house for a while, we went to the island for two tours. I won the bug-catching one, probably due to a valuable butterfly I caught literally in the last second.

Tortimer: Jeff gets 6 medals, Annissa gets 4 medals.And we rushed back to Forest just before midnight, so we could all witness the modern clock lighting up.

Watching the modern clock light up at midnight.After that, I ended the session for the night. I’ll be back with another update tomorrow.

Remember, if anyone wants to visit my town in the dream world, my dream address is 4300-2003-9889.

Catching a Scorpion

I got a letter in the mail from Benedict. He thanked me for coming over to his house yesterday. He also sent me a juicy-apple clock.

I then took a cherry to Shrunk at Club LOL and he taught me the resignation emotion.

Shrunk: He used to say, "This company isn't grand enough for a man like me. Someday I'll show them and quit!"I returned to town and talked to Rolf. He told me he had some wicked heartburn.

Rolf: Uggh. I ate too much greasy food, and now I have wicked heartburn.He wanted me to find some fruit for him to have for dessert. So I found an apple for him, and he thanked me by giving me a cycling shirt in return.

I noticed there was a tent over at the campsite; Lionel had set up camp.

Lionel: Oh, I'm not anyone suspicious! My name's Lionel. I'm just out camping in Forest.Unlike my first two campers (Molly and Rolf), I had no interest in convincing Lionel to move into Forest. But I still played one of his games. I didn’t win, despite getting two of three guesses correct. So I had to buy his colorful wheel for 1,780 bells. I took the colorful wheel to my house to see what it looked like…it reminds you of the Wheel of Fish Fortune.

The colorful wheel item. It spins when you use it.It spins by default; pressing the A button will make it stop on a number. It’s a pretty cool thing to have.

Back outside, not far from Lionel’s tent, was another tent. Crazy Redd was there, selling his art. I know the scary painting he had was fake because I had bought it before and found out the hard way. One of the other paintings didn’t look right either, so I decided on a calm painting. I think I have about a 50/50 chance at it being real. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Redd: Whoa! I see you've got eyes only for that calm painting there! I'd say it has eyes for you too!Back outside, I saw Phineas! He had a new badge for me, the Skilled Angler badge, for catching a lot of fish.

I got the Skilled Angler badge! It's proof I've caught a lot of fish!He didn’t have any other badges for me, but my bug count is only two behind my fish count. So I bet I’m very close to earning my next bug badge as well.

Speaking of which, when I crossed my bridge, I saw something crawling…a scorpion! I got my net out and slowly walked towards it. Score! This is my first scorpion in New Leaf, and it’s going straight to the museum. I still need to find a tarantula though. Maybe next time.

I caught a scorpion! Not so fast now, are ya?!UPDATE: After a late night trip to the island (and some nice bug-catching), I earned enough money to pay off my pyramid! It’ll be complete tomorrow!

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the pyramid project! It should be complete tomorrow!And Big Top gave me a new nickname, boss!

Big Top: Right on! Here it is, your brand-new nickname: boss!

First Rainbow

It was raining in town when I first started up the game. But fortunately, the rain went away, and the sun came out. And with it, a rainbow also appeared! It’s the first rainbow I’ve seen in New Leaf (I still have yet to see one in City Folk).

A rainbow appears over the fountain in my New Leaf town.Here’s a look at the rainbow from up on Main Street:

The rainbow as seen from the bench on Main Street.Up at Re-Tail, I had Cyrus modify my LED display again. I wanted to see how it looks with a pattern instead of the leaves. I used my JVGS logo; it looks alright.

My LED display, showing my JVGS logo pattern.Tabby approached me with a petition. She wanted six out-of-town signatures to outlaw “icky stuff.” In hopes that the petition includes Tabby herself, I agreed to help.

Tabby: I need signatures from folks in other towns for my petition... No More, Like, Icky Stuff!Katt came up to me and wanted me to get some furniture for her. So I gave her the crappiest thing I had in my pockets, a darner dragonfly.

Katt: A darner dragonfly?! As a decoration? Well...I guess so...I worked a shift at the cafe, and I did pretty good today. I got three customers’ orders perfect (including Queenie from out-of-town), and had the other customer’s order partially correct. So I ended up getting some superb coffee beans for my work.

Queenie: Thanks, Jeff! I'll definitely be back for more of this.Benedict asked me to come over to his house, and he made me schedule a time. I chose 4:30. By the time I remembered about him, it was 4:42. But fortunately, he was still in his house waiting.

Benedict: Yay, you're here! I've been waiting ever so patiently, J-bot!I made myself comfortable.

Lying on Benedict's lawn chair in his house.Eventually I got tired of Benedict not doing anything and I left. He asked how I liked his house, and I told him I liked it a lot. It is really nice, especially for summer. Nice backyard theme, with a crack shaved-ice machine, a barbecue, a pool, and so on.

When I went back outside, I heard balloon present and saw a big shadow on the ground! Attached to three gold balloons was a golden slingshot!

A golden slingshots floats overhead on three gold balloons!I shot it, but only popped two of the three balloons. Because a house was in the way, it continued to fly, but vertically. I easily shot it again to finish it off and grab my new fancy slingshot.

I got a golden slingshot! I can shoot three pellets at once!Tex wanted me to deliver something to Benedict, so once again, I headed back to find the red rooster. The package contained a grape shirt, which Benedict tried on.

Benedict, wearing a grape shirt: What do you think? Do I look good or what?I told him it looked “okay.” He got offended and said that I should have it instead, so he gave it to me.

Molly found me and asked if I wanted to buy a classic clock or something. I declined, so she gave it to me for free since I’ve been “good to her.” How nice.

Molly: Great! I'm happy if you're happy, Jeff!When I took a couple peaches to Shrunk at Club LOL, he taught me the sunniness emotion.

Using the sunniness emotion inside Club LOL.Later on tonight, I opened my gate to let Dash buy a fortune cookie. Wendy and Ben also stopped over. But I was having serious connection problems and we kept getting disconnected. Constantly. I managed to save one picture from the extremely short gathering.

Me and two visitors using emotions.Eventually, I gave up and decided to try to fix my connection problems. I followed the instructions on Nintendo’s site and started over from scratch. The only real change was that it un-did the “fix” (manually assigning an IP address to my 3DS) that worked for me a few weeks ago. To test it out, Wendy opened her gate. Surprisingly, we didn’t get disconnected. So I started asking her villagers for signatures for Tabby’s petition.

Miranda: Well, there's my signature. I just can't believe how far you traveled for No More, Like, Icky Stuff.And she showed me her newest project, the illuminated heart. It looks better than I thought it would, especially with the way it flashes.

Animated GIF of the illuminated heart PWP in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.I also liked her bridge right at the top of the waterfall. That’s where I want to put my third bridge when I eventually get one. You can also see her heart from here.

Wendy's bridge atop the waterfall, with her illuminated heart in the distance.I finished getting the signatures I needed, and then (after saving), we hung out a little longer before she ended the session.

Petition signatures for No More, Like, Icky Stuff: Miranda, Angus, Kabuki, Colton, Pango, Mira.But I wasn’t done just yet. Later on, I opened my gate again. Wendy, Annissa, and Aaron came over to visit.

Wendy, Annissa, Aaron, and me hanging out on my bridge.We found Tabby and smacked her around some.

Smacking Tabby with toy hammers.I also “accidentally” whacked Wendy in the face a few dozen times.

Smacking Wendy in the face with a toy hammer. She deserved it.We went to the cafe for some coffee, some laughs, and some sneezes.

Hanging out in the Roost.After that, we went to the island to do a few tours. The balloon hunting tour was littered with pitfall seeds. Very annoying.

Jeff struggling to get out of a pitfall on a balloon-popping island tour.But I actually won that tour! I rarely win any of these things. 😛

Tortimer: Jeff gets 6 medals, Annissa gets 4 medals.We also did a scavenger hunt tour and a fishing tour. I finished 2nd to Annissa in the scavenger hunt, and I came in dead last at the fishing tour.

After that, we returned to Forest and I ended the multiplayer session for the night. It was a lot of fun today, so thanks to everyone who visited Forest (and everyone who tried to, but couldn’t get in or got disconnected). Hopefully my connection will be more reliable for a while now.