Saving Big Top

Today, Molly came up to me and started singing the Duck Song.

Molly: Got any grapes?!Actually it was just a greeting I taught her. Another villager of mine, Big Top, was also nearby. When I talked to him, he told me he was going to move out on the 22nd of this month! Why would he want to leave? Is he still mad about the time capsule? Or maybe he’s planning on joining the circus?

Big Top: I'm leaving on the 22nd of this month!But fortunately, I was able to talk him out of it.

Big Top: Wow, I didn't think you'd care that much. Well, if you really want me to stay in Forest, then I will!I stopped in the cafe for some coffee, and I saw Phineas there! He wasn’t giving any badges away today though; he just likes the coffee.

Phineas: Did you know Brewster here can make the most delectable cup of Kilimanjaro coffee?I took a peach up to Shrunk at Club LOL, and he taught me the “fearful” emotion.

Shrunk, using the fearful emotion: Ever had a terrible case of stage fright? Where you...just...stop and shake uncontrollably?And in Super T&T, there was a wall fan for sale. It’s like the one Tabby has, where you have to jump to turn it on or off. I bought it for my house.

Tommy: Ah, a wall fan! A fine item, yes?Back in town, I spotted Crazy Redd’s tent once again. The famous painting (Mona Lisa) looked legit, so I bought it.

Redd: I see! Ya seem to be really close to that famous painting, yeah?

Happy Homes Showcase StreetPass

Today, Benedict asked me to help out with a petition for a snack bar. But curiously, I needed six signatures from a different town! If the snack bar is for Forest, why would a different town’s residents have a say? I don’t understand.

Benedict: If you are, would you mind getting some signatures for my petition, We Need a Town Snack Bar?Benedict: Awesome! I knew I could count on you! Anyone from another town will do...I’ll have to take care of that later. For now, I continued on in Forest. I met Joan for the first time in New Leaf and I bought some turnips from her.

Joan: So 100 turnips comes out to be... 10,300 bells altogether. Do you wanna buy them?Next, I headed to the cafe for some coffee-to-go.

Brewster: Takeout coffee is 200 bells per cup... You got a favorite blend?You can equip the cup of coffee and then drink from your cup by pressing the A button.

Me holding my cup of takeout coffee.Me drinking a cup of takeout coffee.And today, I got my first Animal Crossing New Leaf StreetPass, so I finally have a house showing up in the Happy Homes Showcase! It belongs to Dan of Merrland.

Dan: I'm Dan from Merrland. My home is over at West 12. Run and tell that, homeboy.I was able to go in his house, and I also had the ability to order the items that he had on display (excluding non-orderable items of course).

The StreetPass home of Dan from Merrland.Later on tonight, my friend Wendy agreed to help me out by letting me ask her animals for signatures for my petition.

Kabuki: Huh? You say you want me to help by signing a petition for We Need a Town Snack Bar?Eugene: I hope We Need a Town Snack Bar becomes a reality soon!I got the six signatures that I needed!

Petition signatures for We Need a Town Snack Bar: Kabuki, Miranda, Eugene, Molly, Mira, Pango.So I returned to Benedict and handed over the petition.

Benedict: Wow! You collected all the signatures!He said the snack bar is now a step closer to becoming a reality! Awesome!

Benedict: We Need a Town Snack Bar is one step closer to becoming a reality!But then did something strange. He gave me a reward: a rococo chair. And no mention of adding the snack bar to the list of town projects. Was this all just a scam? I went to town hall and confirmed that there was no snack bar on the list. I’ll be mad if all this work was just for a regular piece of furniture reward. Hopefully I’ll hear more about this soon. If not, I’m going to cook this traitor for breakfast.

But while I was checking out the project list, I thought I’d show you a picture of the brick bridge project I mentioned a while back. It looks pretty nice, although I’m not sure which bridge I’m going to choose when I eventually spring for my third bridge.

Brick bridge PWP: 224,000 bells.And last but not least, I took out my frustrations on Tabby.

Jeff, dressed as a blue Pikmin, whacks Tabby with a toy hammer (GIF).See you tomorrow!

Bug-Off Competition

Late last night, Wendy got to visit her own island for the first time. She invited me to come along with her, so I did. After some bad haircuts yesterday, we were wearing blue Pikmin hats to cover up.

Two blue Pikmin ride Kapp'n's boat out to the island.We were doing a lot of swimming and diving, and I caught this ugly creature: a giant isopod.

I caught a giant isopod! That's a horror if ever one existed!And on more than one occasion, we had to flee from an attacking jellyfish!

Jeff and Wendy, both dressed as blue Pikmin, fleeing from a jellyfish.We stayed on the island a long time, but we eventually returned to Oakville. In Wendy’s house, we discovered that while sitting in a chair, you can move around a bit. It makes a “whoop” sound effect and we kept doing it and cracking ourselves up.

Wendy "whooping" in a chair.I offered to let her use my wet suit overnight, but I had to give her a warning about it…

Jeff: I peed in it.And of course, I continued using my toy hammer on her.

Blue Pikmin Jeff smacking blue Pikmin Wendy with a toy hammer.Before she ended the party, she tested out the wet suit by jumping off the cliff right outside her house.

Blue Pikmin diving off a cliff.Today, the Bug-Off competition was held. I still had some bugs left over from the island last night, so I gave a couple of them to Nat. A cyclommatus stag took over first place, with 87 points. Nat rewarded me with a caterpillar sofa.

Nat: Well then, I've got a special prize for you. It's a rather smashing caterpillar sofa!This is what it looks like:

The caterpillar sofa I got from Nat, on display in my house.I also saw Phineas in town today. He gave me a Seafood Maniac badge for finding many things while diving.

I got the Seafood Maniac badge! I've found so many different things under the sea!^I literally had to take that picture four times because I kept blinking. This game has too much blinking! But Phineas wasn’t done with me; he also gave me a badge for playing a lot!

I got the Village Representative badge! This is my prize for playing a lot!I then took some fruit to Shrunk, and he taught me the distress emotion. It now appears that I have half of the emotions in the game.

Shrunk: "Congrats! I feel like such a lucky guy! Of all the fish in the sea, I somehow caught a whale!"I also stopped at the cafe for some coffee. While there, I saw KK enjoying some coffee as well. Well technically, he was called “DJ KK” now. “Villager Jeff” isn’t so sure he approves.

DJ KK: Hmmm... I'm feeling a groovy riff. Could be a hit, so don't throw a fit...Brewster told me that starting tomorrow, I can get coffee to-go by ordering from the counter on the right.

Brewster: You can make use of...the counter on the right, if you like... I offer takeout coffee there...After 6:00, I went into Nat’s tent for the Bug-Off results ceremony. My bug remained in first place, and I won the competition! Big Top came in 2nd place, and Katt finished third.

Jeff stands atop the Bug-Off winners' podium. Big Top stands in 2nd place and Katt stands in 3rd.At 8:00, I was going to play with Ness/Bushido, but he kept getting error messages when trying to visit Forest. He’s going to try adjusting his router settings to get things to work, but he didn’t want to fool with it today. But I decided to open my gate anyway. So Wendy and Rae came over to play.

Wendy and Rae trying out my stick figure face cutout standee design.It’s Saturday night, so we went up to Club LOL for some K.K. songs. After two songs, Joey also came over to visit. He joined us in the club for a couple more songs.

K.K. Slider performs for a full house.We hung out in the museum for a while and then spent some time at the cafe. The waiter never came out to serve us! What lousy service!

Four of us sitting in the cafe.We also did the chair “whooping” thing, which was good for some more laughs.

Tabby was hiding indoors again today, so I went to check out her house. She has a wall-mounted fan that’s really cool. It’s so high up that your character has to literally jump to turn it on or off. This was another surprisingly amusing thing to do.

Me jumping up to turn Tabby's fan on and off.We then headed out to the island for some fishing, bug-catching, and swimming.

Kapp'n, singing: Ya best be sure, sneakin' up on a friend, it really be yer friend, not some random schmoe.After a short while, I ended the party for the night. Thanks for coming, Wendy, Rae, and Joey! I had a good time!

I’ll be back tomorrow night with another update, so I hope to see you all then. Enjoy your weekend!