Sable’s Mannequin

Today, Molly asked me to find a rectangular-shaped item for her. She said she had a rectangle-shaped hole in her heart. As sad as that was, I didn’t have anything rectangular to give her.

Molly: It's like a rectangular-shaped hole in my heart!And Katt told me that Rolf said she looked like a cyclommatus stag. No way! Cyclommatus stags are so much cuter!

Katt: Hey, listen! Do I remind you of a cyclommatus stag? Rolf said I look like one.And once again, Big Top told me of his plans to move out of town.

Big Top: Oh, boss! Don't freak out, but I'm planning on moving away on the 21st of this month.Of course, I didn’t let him leave.

Big Top: Wow, I didn't think you'd care that much. Well, if you really want me to stay in Forest, then I will!After finishing up my walk around town, I headed up to Main Street. Luna told me that 1,111 people have visited my dream town (make a wish!).

Luna: Records state the number of clients who have experienced a dream about Forest is 1,111.And I got a nice surprise in the Able Sisters. Sable gave me a mannequin!

Sable: This is one of the mannequins used to display things in our store, but...Even though it looks pretty creepy, it is surprisingly helpful. You can put a whole outfit on it, and then switch clothes with it all at once. Or you can do it one item at a time, if you prefer.

My new mannequin.And as you may know, I let my friend Wendy come over to shop pretty much every day. Her Shampoodle just started letting her get color contacts, so she showed me her new green eyes.

Wendy shows me her new green eye contacts.After I sent her home, Tabby wanted to play Nookling with me. 😮 Actually, she just wanted to buy a shirt I was carrying for 90 bells. That’s not much money, so I declined her offer, hoping she would offer more. But she didn’t increase her offer. Oh well.

Tabby: Yeah, you pretend you're one of those cute little Nook kids, and I'll act like I'm in your store!

Meeting Gracie

Today, Nook installed my new arched astro door on my house.

My arched astro door, as seen on my house.Big Top was reminding me that the Bug-Off is this weekend. He was afraid his net had some holes in it, though…

Big Top: But first I need to do something about my net. It's full of holes, agent #1.And I checked out the latest Best Buy DLC, the rolling suitcase.

Pelly: Sorry to keep you waiting! I hope you enjoy your new rolling suitcase!This is what the rolling suitcase looks like:

The rolling suitcase DLC.I went to the cafe for some coffee. Brewster told me that the perfect temperature for coffee is 175.32 degrees. If you say so.

Brewster: The perfect temperature to draw out the 175.32 degrees... Here you are.After working my shift, Brewster gave me another one of his own gyroids.

My two brewstoids that I received from Brewster.When I made my way over to the town tree, I saw Gracie for the first time!

Gracie the giraffe standing at the event plaza for the first time!She asked if fashion was important; I told her no, and she got mad. She wouldn’t say much else until I talked to her again and told her it is important after all. And then, she told me about her fashion checks.

Gracie: GRACIE'S FASHION CHECK!She told me to go for a “basic” look, but you still have to have a completely matching outfit, including shoes and everything. What a pain; I’d rather wash her car. I didn’t really have a full matching outfit, so she didn’t approve of my look.

Gracie: I see what you're trying to do here, honey. That's a bold move, mixing two styles like that!She apparently gives you the rest of the day to fix your appearance, but I think I was beyond hopeless for today. I’ll need to find a complete outfit and keep it in storage for next time.

Anyway, I had a new town project opening up, so I went to the ceremony for the new yellow bench!

Party poppers go off at the completion ceremony for the yellow bench PWP.Wendy came over to shop, and I also let her try out the new yellow bench as she drank her coffee.

Wendy drinks coffee as we try out my new yellow bench PWP.And at one point, she disappeared. But then I found her in my house, doing something in the wheat!

Jeff, asking Wendy, who is standing in a wheat field: #1 or #2?She got a new town project today herself, so she invited me over to see it. It’s a zen clock.

Wendy's new zen clock PWP.We hung out in her house for a while, and then Wendy ended the session. As always, I’ll be back tomorrow with another update, so please check back!

Modern Police Station

Late last night, Tex was clearly delusional. He said that putting in a parabolic antenna was one of my campaign promises when I ran for mayor! 😮

Tex: You said that if we voted you in as mayor, you'd get our town a parabolic antenna.But then he realized how wrong he was. But he added the parabolic antenna to the list of available town projects.

Tex: Oh, now I remember. There wasn't any campaign. Or vote. We sort of forced you to be mayor, right?Tonight, I went to see my brand new modern police station!

My new modern police station PWP!And inside, I met Copper the police dog.

Copper: Officer Copper reporting for duty! I pledge to serve and protect the citizens of Forest, sir!I then went to work at the Roost. I got Tabby’s coffee perfect, and she was talking about her famous Jeff dancing moves??

Tabby: Ooh, I feel some of my famous Jeff dance moves coming on!A camper was in town, so I went in to see who it was. It was Whitney the wolf. Is it just me, or do her eyes look in-tents?

Whitney: Hey, are you from around here?Speaking of “Jeff dance moves,” I tried out my Shrunk funk shuffle on Whitney, and she danced with me! Awesome!

I dance with Whitney in the tent at the campsite.She asked me if she should move into Forest…I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t answer right away. She’s pretty cool, but she’s not one of my favorites. Still, I told her to move in. However, she wasn’t convinced. Perhaps the forty-three seconds that had passed gave her paws pause. Or maybe she just wanted her privacy.

Whitney: Forest is great, but I have a soft spot for my hometown. Sorry!Today’s gem rock gave me a gold nugget. I had two in my house already, so I took the three of them to Re-Tail, where Cyrus was able to combine them into golden furniture. More on that later.

When I was done in town, I headed up to Main Street. All four of my fossils were duplicates (as usual), but I realized my balloon furniture exhibit at the museum didn’t have a title yet. So I gave it one.

Sign: U Want Balloons exhibit by Jeff.And at Nook Homes, I noticed an arched astro door on sale. My house has the astro exterior, but not the door to go with it. That will change as of tomorrow.

Tom Nook: That arched astro door is a sample used for door renovations.After that, I went back to town hall, where Isabelle teleported me to the modern police station. This is the best police station opening ceremony I’ve ever attended!

Everyone fires party poppers at the completion ceremony for the modern police station PWP.Sources say my town was still underdeveloped, so I decided to put in a yellow bench. I chose a spot near my wind turbine and in front of town hall.

The spot I picked out for my yellow bench, near my wind turbine.It was only 30,000 bells, so I took the money out of the banana stand my pockets and paid it off. Isabelle will build the yellow bench by tomorrow.

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the yellow bench project! It should be complete tomorrow!♫ Big yellow bench, big yellow bench, meet me down at the big yellow bench. ♪

I then returned to Re-Tail, where Cyrus had a big golden clock with my name on it.

The golden clock I got from Cyrus, on display in my basement.That’s all for today, but check back tomorrow for more!