Campsite & Balloon Present

I went to Club LOL today and gave Shrunk three more peaches. In return, he taught me the “mistaken” emotion. This is a new one that wasn’t in City Folk.

Shrunk: Use that joke book of yours to bust out your "Mistaken" ability and develop your comedic skills!Basically, a star falls down, hits you in the head, and bounces off.

Me using the "mistaken" emotion in Club LOL. A star falls from above and bounces off my head.Back outside, Big Top asked me if I liked his outfit. I said it was cool, and that made his day. He said he was going to eat some french toast to celebrate. Can I have some?

Big Top: I'm gonna snack on some french toast to celebrate!I then stopped to take a look at my town tree. It’s getting big.

My town tree getting bigger.Next, I made sure to attend the ceremony celebrating the opening of the campsite. Yay!

Party poppers get fired off at the completion ceremony for the campsite.But there’s a bit of a problem with the campsite–I don’t know how to use it! It’s fenced off and I can’t go inside! Maybe it’s only used on special occasions. But if that’s the case, why celebrate its opening if it’s just going to sit there unused?  UPDATE/CORRECTION: The campsite is where animals will occasionally set up a tent and camp in your town. I was hoping it was something that I could use personally, but this makes sense. Thanks to Nicci for the information.

Sign at the campsite: Forest's camping site.Down on the beach, I ran into Gulliver once again. Wow, this sure is infinitely easier than stalking his UFO in City Folk! Anyway, he was talking about a hurricane. No really, he was.

Gulliver: After all, she completely blew all my memories clean from my head!He then gave me the easiest quiz question ever.

Gulliver: This country is famous for movies from a place called Hollywood!I got the question correct of course, and he told me he’ll be sending me a gift from the USA soon.

Gulliver: I want to live out the real American Dream!After going back up the ramp, I ran into Big Top again. He asked me to catch a river fish for him, so I went and caught a black bass. I gave it to him, and he thanked me with a flame shirt. In the picture below, he doesn’t really have a halo–he’s just standing with his head right below the moon.

The moon glowing directly above Big Top's head.Right after that, I heard a balloon present! I got my slingshot out and shot it down! It contained a balloon table, which I put on the second floor of my house. I hope it doesn’t pop. 😉

My balloon table that I got from a balloon present.And in T&T Mart, I saw a DJ’s turntable.

Timmy: Ah, a DJ's turntable! A fine item, yes?I bought it and put it in my house. I was finally able to play my song from last Saturday, K.K. Flamenco.

The CD album cover of K.K. Flamenco.Look, I’m DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Jeff standing at the DJ's turntable.That wrapped up my night in Forest, but that’s not all I have for you. I made a video today–it’s a quick tour of Main Street and the shops that are there. It’s not the final result of what  the shopping district will look like, since I still don’t have all the shops yet and others still have upgrades yet to come. But it gives a look at what it’ll look like about 4 weeks into the game:

And also, Nintendo put out another Inside the Treehouse video today. Here’s episode 10, which talks about the activities on the island:

I’ll be back with more tomorrow! Bye for now!

Holy Fish Sticks!

Late last night, I got back on for a little fishing in the rain. And holy fish sticks, guess what I caught!

Me, after catching a coelacanth: Holy fish sticks!That’s right, I caught my first coelacanth in New Leaf. Niiice!

I caught a coelacanth! Am I saying it right?As I made my way to the museum to donate it, I ran into Fuchsia. Because it was so dark, she thought I was a…big wet deer?

Fuchsia: Gaaaaah! A bit wet deer!Then she scolded me for scaring her. Hey girlfriend, it’s not my fault you’re blind!

Fuchsia: Oh, wait... It's just you, Jeff. Stop scaring me! Uh-huh!I then continued on to the museum, where I donated the coelacanth. I also went into the aquarium to take a look at it.

My coelacanth's new home: the aquarium at the museum.Then today, someone on a certain community asked if fruit could be sold at the flea market in Re-Tail. I wasn’t sure, so I tried it out. The answer: Yes.

 Reese: A mango? You're selling this item for 250 bells, correct?Yuka then asked me to fetch her a cherry. I decided to be nice for a change (but only because I already had a cherry in my pocket) and I gave it to her.

Yuka: Oh, deliciousness at last!She gobbled down her cherry and thanked me by giving me a vintage telephone. I then realized it was almost 8:00, so I rushed to Club LOL. I gave Shrunk three peaches and he taught me the sighing emotion. City Folk had an emotion (disappointment) that involved a sigh, but it wasn’t called sighing. I’m not sure if this is a replacement for disappointment or a new, separate emotion.

Shrunk: So, yeah, what do you think? I think this is the first time you've seen my Sighing Joke!At any rate, I gave it a try:

Jeff, using the sighing emotion in Club LOL: It's chilly.In the Able Sisters, there was a catcher’s mask for sale. With baseball season underway, I went ahead and bought it.

Labelle: Wow, that sporty look is great on you.As you can see by my bell total in the above photo, I’ve accumulate a bunch of money. I decided to add a new community project. After looking over the list, I chose a campsite to be the new addition. Isabelle warned me that unlike most other projects, the campsite can’t be removed once it’s installed.

Isabelle: You won't be able to demolish the campsite project once it's finished. Shall we start?I decided to put it near the edge of the cliff, overlooking the beach.

The spot I picked out for my campsite. Near the edge of the cliff, overlooking the beach.Since I already had enough money for it, I paid it off all at once.

The project's donation goal has been met!I returned to town hall and Isabelle confirmed that the campsite will be completed tomorrow!

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the campsite project! It should be complete tomorrow!After selling some more stuff, I had about 80,000 bells. So I took 70,000 and paid part of my house loan with it.

After walking around outside, I actually saw Big Top shaking a tree! That’s pretty cool that animals can shake trees in Animal Crossing New Leaf. I wonder if they can get stung by bees? Probably not, but that would be funny.

That wraps up my night in Forest, but I’ll be back with another update (and a campsite) tomorrow, so please check back then! In the meantime, here is the latest Inside the Treehouse video. This time, they talk about custom designs.

Meeting Benedict

After starting up the game tonight, I went inside my house. There they were…stairs!

For the first time, there were stairs going up!Finally, a second floor. but wait…it’s only 4 x 4?!

My new (small) second-floor room.That was definitely disappointing. Second floors in previous games weren’t that small. I’m sure Tom Nook will be happy to expand it, though…for an arm and a leg.

Back outside, I ran into Yuka. She wanted me to catch a tadpole for her.

Yuka: I've been trying to get my hands on a tadpole, but I just can't catch one.With me being the pleasant person that I am, I told her no.

Yuka: No? It wasn't that big of a request. But if you can' can't. Maybe another time, Jeff.After that, I went to go meet my newest neighbor (and Yuka’s next-door neighbor), Benedict the rooster.

Benedict: Oh, um, I'm not ready for visitors yet. I'm Benedict, and I just moved here today, uh-hoo.And in T&T Mart, I saw that they had a slingshot for sale! I bought it!

Timmy: Ah, a slingshot! A fine item, yes?Next, I stopped in Nook Homes, and Tom Nook informed me that I now owe him 298,000 bells. Ouch. That tiny floor wasn’t even worth it.

Tom Nook: Yes, yes, the trifling cost of your addition comes to 298,000 bells. Pocket change, really.That about wraps up my short night in Forest, but here is the latest Inside the Treehouse video. This time, they talk about furniture and pants. What an odd combination.