A Busy Night

As expected, my basement was completed today. And of course, it’s only 4 spaces by 4 spaces.

My new (but small) basement.I worked at the cafe again today, but I only got one customer’s order correct. One of the incorrect orders belonged to Phyllis, but I don’t feel too bad about getting hers wrong.

Phyllis: ...Bye. Blech. This isn't what I ordered at all! Story of my life...When I talked to Benedict, he had a time capsule for me to bury. I buried it near the northwest corner of town, along with all the other bodies time capsules.

Benedict: I just put together a time capsule with my most prized possession inside. Now I just have to bury it!I saw a fence where a new house is going…that’s right, Rolf is moving in tomorrow!

Sign: This spot reserved for Rolf's new home. -Nook's HomesAnd since I have my basement now, it was time to start a new community project. I chose to install a modern clock, and it will be over near the town tree. Afterwards, Tex approached me with a new idea for a town project: a pyramid!

Tex: I know exactly what would do it. We need a pyramid.In the Dream Suite, Luna told me that the most recent visitor to my dream town was Marcey from London.

Luna: According to the latest feedback, a client named Marcey from London enjoyed your dream.But then she also told me Forest has had 666 visitors!

Luna: Records state the number of clients who have experienced a dream about Forest is 666.In Shampoodle, Harriet informed me that I now am able to get colored contact lenses now!

Harriet: This new machine offers the latest in beauty-enhancement technology. It even does color contacts!Back in town, I caught two new fish: a dorado and a char. I donated them to the museum. I ran into Molly, and she gave me a violin.

Molly: Um, Jeff. I hope this isn't presumptuous, but I think you could use a violin.And I have a lot of violets growing over by my house, so I decided to take some of them and put them around the fountain. I’ll be adding more in the near future, but this is just a start.

Violets around my town fountain.And down on the beach, I found Gulliver. He’s on his way to Ireland, so I can expect a gift from him in the mail tomorrow.

Gulliver: ...Ireland!After some fishing and seashell-collecting, I had earned enough money to pay off my modern clock project. It will be done tomorrow.

Isabelle: We've met our collection goal for the modern clock project! It should be complete tomorrow!At 10:00, I opened my gate for Friday Night Forest. Wendy, Ryan, and Josh came in…and then we got disconnected. I reopened and someone tried to come in…and then we disconnected.

I kept trying though, and my town filled up with Wendy, Josh, and Ben. And once again, we got disconnected. Sorry Josh, but I have a feeling your connection might have been the problem…especially if you were the person who tried to come in that second time. About 20 minutes had passed before my town filled up and the disconnections stopped. I had Wendy, Ben, and Marcey in my town. Yes, that’s the Marcey who had visited my dream town earlier! Anyway, we hung out in the cafe for a bit…

Hanging out in the Roost cafe with friends.And then we went in my house for a while. I have a lot of interactive objects in my main room that are fun to play around with.

Playing with objects in my house.But after a while, we headed up to Club LOL for some dancing.

The four of us dancing at Club LOL.And later, we went to the island. There were lots of good beetles out on the trees! We also did two tours; Marcey won the beetle tour.

Tortimer: Marcey gets 4 medals, Wendy gets 2 medals.We then went on an item-matching tour. It didn’t have individual winners; apparently we were supposed to work as a team. But for all that work, we only got two medals. Ouch.

Tortimer: Well, you met your goal, so here you go--2 medals.After that, we returned to Forest. Kapp’n sang an interesting song about his wife cleaning him in the shower. o.O

Kapp'n, singing: Sudsy! Scrubsy! Loofah! Then shampoo squirts! Me wife's plan to clean 'er man--even if it hurts!I got my toy hammer out to show Tabby.

Smacking Tabby with my toy hammer.We dug holes with our shovels to trap her. Wendy and I also used our hammers…although Wendy seems to think she’s the Statue of Liberty in this picture:

Wendy appears to hold up her toy hammer as she attacks Tabby.Marcey was showing us what happens if you jump down from a tree stump and into a hole; it acts as if it was a pitfall seed.

Marcey stuck in a hole.And then, there was this picture…

I appear to be spanking Marcey with my toy hammer as she jumps out of a hole.And of course, I tried it out too.

Me trapped in a hole after jumping off a tree stump.But as I was digging a hole, I accidentally dug up my special stump! I never even got any mushrooms out of it yet. 🙁 I planted a peach in the same spot, but I don’t know if it will be special again or not. But shortly after that, I ended the multiplayer session for the night. I had a good time. 🙂

Beans and Fish

I went to work at the cafe today, and one of the customers was from out of town! It was Wolfgang. I actually got his order right, although I got everyone else’s order wrong today.

Wolfgang: Well, what do we have here? This is superb! I'm gonna have to keep my eyes on Forest's cafe!I also said hello to DJ KK, who was also in The Roost enjoying his coffee (probably because Brewster made it, not me).

DJ KK: What's the bean that's hip to the scene?Anyway, since I got one customer’s order correct, Brewster gave me some good coffee beans. He also gave me an espresso maker, which is an item that you can’t re-order.

Espresso maker: Not for sale.I bought another K.K. song at T.I.Y. today, Comrade K.K.  Did he really think posing for this album cover was a good idea?

CD album cover for Comrade K.K.Back in town, I did a little fishing. Tex got right up in my face as I was fishing. Very distracting!

Tex standing in my face as I tried to fish.He had asked me for some furniture earlier in the day. But just to get rid of him, I gave him the fish I just caught. He actually seemed to like it.

Tex: Hello, Mr. Fishy! You'll be my friend, won't you? Wait. Are you a Mr. or a Ms.? Well, you're a nice fishy!But then he joked about naming his fish Jeff. Not funny.

Tex: What should he be named then? ...Ooh, maybe Jeff? Just kidding! Hah ha!I decided to go out to the island for a bit. I tried using my Club Tortimer card to play with random internet players. But every time I tried it, it disconnected within a few seconds of me getting there. Still, Kapp’n took my 1,000 bell fee for the trip each time! Six thousand bells down the train and nothing to show for it. How annoying. So I gave up and just went to my own island by myself. I caught some valuable beetles and filled up my pockets, then returned home.

Now I had enough money to finish off my house payment, so I paid it off and went to talk to Tom Nook. I decided to add a basement this time; it will be completed tomorrow.

Tom Nook: Yes, yes, a basement is what you want, hm?

Rolf Goes Camping

I started out my day on a pleasant note…by pitfalling Tabby. 😀

Tabby stuck in a pitfall.She was furious at me. 🙂

Tabby: AAAAAAACCCCCKKKK! Not cool, everyone! I'm, like, really furious with you right now!Over at the campsite, there was a tent set up. Naturally, I went inside to see who was visiting. It turned out to be Rolf, who is one of my favorite animals in the game! I played a few of his games, and eventually he mentioned the possibility of moving in!

Rolf: You know, this town wouldn't be a bad place to settle down...I told him he should indeed move in, and he agreed! Awesome! I’m having really good luck with campers so far. First Molly, and now Rolf.

Rolf: Oh! You really think so? If you do, I think I'll just go ahead and do that!A bit later, I took some peaches up to Shrunk at Club LOL. He taught me the “glee” emotion, where your character whistles/sings and the music note comes up.

Using the glee emotion in Club LOL.That’s a nice emotion to have, but I still need shock or disbelief! Hopefully I’ll get one of them soon.

Over at T.I.Y., K.K. Ballad was on sale. I snatched it up.

Tommy: Ah, K.K. Ballad! A fine item, yes?And over at the Able Sisters’ shop, there was a lion-dance mask for sale. This should be good for frightening some people. Although Tabby might just think she’s looking into a mirror.

Labelle: Oh, wow! That iconic look is very nice on you!Later, I was shaking some trees when I disturbed some bees! I had no choice but to run into town hall to escape them. But while I was there, I tried out some emotions on Isabelle. When I did one of the angry emotions, Isabelle got so scared. Her reaction seems to be saying “Oh no, what did I do???”

Isabelle is surprised and scared after I use some angry emotions near her.