JVGS Q&A: Questions and Answers

What does JVGS stand for?
It stands for Jeff's Video Game Site, but I no longer refer to the site by that longer title any more. Now, it's just JVGS.

Do you have a Nintendo Network ID?
Yes. My Nintendo Network ID is jvgsjeff, so feel free to follow me on Miiverse.

Can I add you as a friend on 3DS or Wii U?
Sorry, but I'm no longer looking to add friends on these systems.

Can I add you as a friend on Nintendo Switch?
Yes! I am currently accepting friend codes. Just send a friend request to 0442-0992-5516.

Why don't you post many reviews any more?
Game reviews were originally the main attraction when JVGS first started out, but my focus has shifted to blogs. I will still occasionally post new reviews, though. See the Reviews section for the latest ones.

How often are the blogs updated?
It will vary, so this is not a guarantee. But this list will give you a general idea for each blog:

Jeff's Skyward Sword & Disney Magical World blogs are inactive; no further updates are planned.

How do you rate games?
I rate games based on how fun they are to play. Other elements may effect the overall fun factor (for example, catchy music may make a game more enjoyable or a poor frame rate may hamper the control and make a game less fun). But in general, graphics and sound do not significantly affect the gameplay itself. A boring game will get a low rating and a fun game will get a high rating, regardless of whether the game consists of black-and-white stick figures or millions of colorful polygons. Also, I don't base my ratings on what other reviewers think. I play the games for myself and make up my own mind.

How long do you play each game before reviewing it?
In most cases, it's well over ten hours. Of course this can vary, depending on the game. For a simple, one-screen Atari game, an hour or two may be adequate. Long role-playing games and adventure games, on the other hand, may take dozens of hours. I would never review a game after playing just a five-minute demo; anyone who does that isn't giving the game a fair chance.

Do you finish games before reviewing them?
Usually, but not always.

Why are there more high rated games than low rated games?
Because I generally buy games that I think I'll like and I try to avoid the stinkers. Games for older systems are generally much cheaper than newer games, so I'll sometimes buy bundles of games for older systems on eBay or at garage sales. As a result, I'll generally have a higher percentage of poor/bad games on those older systems. You don't need to be as selective when you're getting a bunch of games for dirt cheap.

So what types of games do you like?
I like a wide variety of games. I particularly like platformers, adventure games, racing games, and simulation games. But I also enjoy action, role-playing, puzzle, and some sports games as well.

What types of games don't you like?
I generally don't care much for wrestling, boxing, golf, skateboarding, full-motion video (FMV) games, or stealth-based games. And even though I think Street Fighter II is one of the best games ever made, most fighting games don't interest me much any more.

Why didn't you mention the multiplayer and/or online mode of a certain game?
Unless specifically mentioned, my reviews are generally based on the single-player game.

Do you prefer 2D games or 3D games?
I honestly don't have a preference; as long as the gameplay is good, that's all that matters.

Does a rating of 10 mean a game is perfect/flawless?
No. A rating of 10 means that a game is extremely fun to play, and is a truly outstanding game. I don't believe any game is truly perfect, because there is always something that could be done better in one way or another. Also keep in mind that I don't use decimals. A game that might otherwise be a 9.7 is rounded to a ten.

Do you review games that you haven't played in years?
No. Frankly, I don't trust any reviewer who rates an older game based on memory alone. Games may be better or worse than you may remember them. That's why I play older games again to refresh my memory before deciding on a rating. If I can't play the game again, I don't review it until I can.

Do you have a favorite system?
Yes. Super Nintendo (SNES) is my favorite system of all-time, because it has so many games that I love. But of course, every system has good games that are worth playing.

Do you own every game you've reviewed?
No; I own most of them, but not all. Some of them are games that I've owned in the past, and others may have been rented or borrowed.

Can you review (insert game name here)?
Sorry, but I generally don't take requests. I already have a huge backlog of games that I haven't reviewed yet. But still, if you want to recommend a certain game, it doesn't hurt to try.

How did JVGS start out?
I originally started out by making an Atari Jaguar fan site known as Jeff's Jaguar Jungle, which included reviews of Jaguar games. After a while, I decided I wanted to share my opinions of games for other systems too, and JVGS was born.

How many video games do you own?
I own over 450 games in total. For a full list, see Jeff's Game Collection.

I have a question. Where do I ask it?
Comment on Facebook, ask on Tumblr, or send e-mail to jeff@jvgs.net. I may add your comments or questions to this page, along with my response. Sorry, but not all questions will be answered.