The End of the Road

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword title screenI have now completed this game and will no longer be updating this blog. But if you’d like to read this blog from the beginning, start here.

I have now posted my review of the game.

Overall, I enjoyed Skyward Sword a lot. As I’ve mentioned before, I was not a big fan of Twilight Princess. I enjoyed the dungeons, but the rest of the game was unremarkable. But Skyward Sword, even though has its share of flaws, brings the magic back to the Zelda series. It feels like a Zelda game. It’s not my favorite game in the series (that would be A Link to the Past), nor is it my favorite 3D game in the series (that’s Ocarina of Time). But it is an excellent game that’s worthy of the Zelda name.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun. I continue to update my blogs of Animal Crossing and Animal Crossing: City Folk. In the future, I may blog about other games as well, so check out JVGS for any new developments. Please feel free to leave any comments/questions you have about this blog.

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Hylian Shield

So I went back to the thunder dragon to see about getting the best shield. He offers a battle mode where you fight previous bosses again. After each battle you win, you can stop there and take the prize he offers, or keep fighting for an even better prize. The catch is that you can’t use potions or fairies. So your hearts do not refill between fights, and dying even once leaves you empty-handed and out of luck. I first tried this the other night and played it more today.

Battle mode.Several times, I would clear 5 or 6 bosses and then die (I think it was always on Ghirahim or the last Imprisoned fight). You have to win eight boss fights to get the best shield. So after a few hours of trying, I did it. I got the Hylian shield, which is indestructible.

Getting the Hylian shield.At this point, I felt I had accomplished everything I wanted. Now I felt I could look at a guide to look for anything interesting I missed. There was one thing… I learned that there is now a game at the shipyard, where you can ride the roller coaster track. It’s called the Rickety Coaster. So I went back and tried it until I completed the course with an acceptable time and got the prize, a piece of heart.

The Rickety CoasterNow there was just one question remaining for me: What happened in the love letter sidequest if you made the other choice? Thanks to this video I found on Youtube, I was able to see what happened. Since Cawlin didn’t find love either way, I now didn’t feel so bad about giving his love letter to the hand in the toilet. I was thinking I had made the wrong choice, but I see that both options end in the same result (5 gratitude crystals) and Cawlin ends up unhappy either way.

I’m basically done with the game now, but check back soon for one final entry.

Humanizing Batreaux

After a little exploring, I went to Fun Fun Island to try the skydiving game again.

Skydiving game on Fun Fun Island.I kept playing until I got a perfect score: The 50-coin landing spot with the 10x bonus multiplier. That gave me 500 rupees, but also the special prize for winning: A piece of heart.

Guess which little guy gets a special prize!Earlier, I found a gratitude crystal outside the Lumpy Pumpkin. That brought my total to 79, just one short of the 80 I needed for my next reward from Batreaux. I knew of one other crystal that was actually locked inside Zelda’s room, but I never could figure out how to get it. But since I only needed one more, I was determined to get it. And indeed, I figured out a way to break in. While going through the vents, I watched saw Zelda’s dad taking a bath. That’s a weird Easter egg to include in a Zelda game…

Watching Zelda's dad take a bath.Anyway, I got to Zelda’s room and got the gratitude crystal. I also found a piece of heart. And now the door to her room is unlocked, which is convenient for times when I need a nap without having to go all the way back to my room. So anyway, I went to see Batreaux. He told me that I had now found all of the gratitude crystals in the world! I was wondering how many there were, and for a while I wondered if there were 100. But 80 is the max. He rewarded me with a tycoon wallet, which can hold 9,000 rupees.

Getting the tycoon wallet.Also, he then said he could now become human. So he transformed…sort of.

Batreaux as a human. Sort of.His skin color changed, sure. And his horns are now hair. But otherwise, he looks exactly the same, facially. And maybe he stopped drinking Red Bull, because he doesn’t have wings any more. The next day, I went to the bazaar and he was in there, enjoying the atmosphere.

Human Batreaux enjoing the bazaar.I decided to finally buy a sacred shield. I think I was previously scared off because the description says it’s fragile. But I went on and bought it and upgraded it to the Goddess shield. At this point, I saved my game.

The goddess shield.Considering that there are no more gratitude crystals to be found, I believe I’m basically done with the side-quests (except for the thunder dragon one to get the best shield). And I know there are still heart pieces hidden out there, but I never really try to track down every single piece of heart in Zelda games. They could be hidden in any of a million obscures spots anywhere in the game, including dungeons, and I’m not concerned with finding them all.

Everything I have done so far in Skyward Sword has been without using guides or getting any help online. I’ve even avoided spoilers as much as possible. But after I (hopefully) get the best shield from the thunder dragon, I may browse through guides to see if there’s anything significant that I missed. I know of one situation that had two possible outcomes, involving a love letter. I want to see what I missed by making the choice I did.

So my to-do list is quite short now:

  • Attempt to get the best shield from the thunder dragon
  • Consult an online guide to see if I missed anything significant