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Entry 10: The Baby is Here

As I started up the game, Miss Piggy informed me that she had her baby!

It's a boy, and he's every bit as ugly as I expected.

newborn baby Xavier
I had the ability to change his face, but why mess with perfection?

His name is Xavier, and his birth (or hatching?) opened up a new category of photos I can take at the photo studio. The previous choices were "pair," "group," and "whole island." Now I can take child photos as well. You can choose to take photos with or without the parents in the photo. Here's a picture of the whole family:

And here's Xavier after Zoiderg and Miss Piggy tried to return him by dropping him off in a stork's nest.
Just kidding.

After I was done with the new family, I checked in on Jeff. He wanted to play a game where I had to guess what a zoomed-in picture was. But there wasn't much to go on, because the picture was all white!

Fortunately, I guessed it correctly because the other choices weren't likely to have a solid wall of white.

For winning the game, I got to choose the contents of three different boxes. I chose the biggest box, and guess what was in the box! A box! I felt so stuuuuupid! I'd rather win a red snapper.

Jeff heard that Zoidberg wanted to be friends, so I told him to give it a try. I wasn't sure if they'd get along, but they actually did! So they're friends now.

However, Jeff still feels most comfortable on his own.

I checked in with Gaston, and he told me he's finally feeling better after his huge fight with Tobias the other day.

Tobias asked for some new clothes, so I got him this front-tied shirt. It seemed like something he would like...and he did.

I got my hands on an AR camera, and it's pretty cool. It works a bit like the AR Games application that comes built-in with the 3DS,. It even uses the same question mark AR card. Once you give the AR camera to a character, you can use the 3DS camera to take pictures of that Mii with real-life objects.

I gave mine to Elly and she walked around GameCube Controller Lake.

There are six backgrounds you can choose from. You can take pictures next to a lake, trees, snow, coffee, sushi, or grass. As Elly was walking around, she fell on her face. So naturally, I took a picture to immortalize her clumsiness.

After I was done playing around with that, I saw that someone was in the park. I went there and found Yukon asleep on the bench.

In tonight's Quirky Questions session, I asked whose favorite hobby is counting things. The Count raised his hand. One! One person! Ah! Ah! Ah!

And before I was done playing for the night, I checked in on the new family one last time. But they were asleep already. I took a look inside Miss Piggy's dream, and Annyong told her that puppies grow up to be cats. She seemed to believe it; in fact, she was quite shocked.

Annyong told her he was just pulling her leg, and then she woke up. She still seemed rattled, however.

See you all next time!

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Notes: Nintendo has graciously provided me with an advance copy of Tomodachi Life. Thanks, Nintendo! All Miis shown were made by me or my friends and are not in the game by default.

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