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Entry 100: Love is in the Air

Hailey and Shaq both celebrated birthdays in early March: March 5th for Hailey and March 6th for Shaq.

Shaq celebrates with cake at his birthday party.
Miss Piggy made a funny face for me, and I just had to laugh. The hat she was wearing really made it look ridiculous.

Miss Piggy: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?

Yukon Cornelius told me had feelings for Velma. Both Yukon and Velma have considered getting together before...just not at the same time. Way back in entry 20, Velma wanted to ask Yukon out...but he didn't show up. And in entry 33, Yukon asked Velma out...and she rejected him.

But this time was different. Yukon asked her out, and she said yes! They're now dating.

Yukon Cornelius, to Velma: Your beauty shines like a summer's day. Will you be my sunbeam?
I gave Inigo Montoya a gelatin snack and he prepared to die nearly choked. It was his worst food.

Inigo nearly chokes on his worst food, a gelatin snack.
Mr. Bean, wearing a horse's head, asked out Madison...and she said yes! Another new couple!

Mr. Bean, to Madison: We go together like salt and pepper. You should totally be my girlfriend.
On the news, they announced the discovery of a TZ flower. It's a flower that looks just like TZ! But I thought that Lucille 2 butterfly was pretty unique as well.

Centennial Blossom: TZ Flower
Love was really in the air, as Peach surprisingly proposed to GOB! Sure. Like a princess is going to marry the guy in the $70 banana suit. Come on!

Princess Peach to GOB: I always have a great time... when I'm with you.

Maybe his banana really appealed to her. He said yes, and they got married right away!

GOB and Princess Peach get married.
But wait! There's more! Villager wanted to propose to Stella (the daughter of Breezy and Gaston)! So they chatted over dinner at the restaurant.

The view's great, but not as good as my view right now. You look gorgeous tonight.
He popped the question, and she said yes! There was still one problem, though: They couldn't get married because they're still kids. But I was able to use an age-o-matic on them to make them both adults.

Villager: Look at me! I'm all grown up!
The wedding was then held immediately. Congrats to the new leaf married couple!

Villager and Stella get married in Tomodachi Life.
They went to Japan for their honeymoon. They're so young, I'm surprised they had the Ninten-dough for the trip. Crossing the ocean isn't cheap. I wonder if they took out a loan.

And last but not least, Squishy made a funny face for me.

Squishy, after making a funny face: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?
This expression makes her look like a librarian that's about to yell at you for not putting the book back in the right place. :P

Thanks for visiting! I'll be back again in May!

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