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Entry 101: Baby Faith

In mid-April, a couple asked me if they should have a baby. I told them to go for it. A few days later, the baby arrived!

Mr. Saturn, looking like a baby, appears shocked in the home of Zoidberg and Miss Piggy.
Oops, wrong picture. That's just Mr. Saturn hanging out with Zoidberg and Miss Piggy. ;) Mr. Saturn just looks like a big baby.

The actual parents are Batman and Squishy, and they gave birth to a baby girl named Faith.

Squishy: We like the name Faith. What do you think?
Faith was born to Batman and Squishy.

Xavier asked out Hailey in the park one day, and she said yes! They are now sweethearts.

Xavier, to Hailey: Your beauty shines like a summer's day. Will you be my sunbeam?
I helped Squishy and Batman take care of Faith, well at least on one occasion. She has really big eyes.

Faith's parents: I so appreciate your help.
On the Mii news, they showed a picture from the Wolf Bobs Island Fest. Bomberman was posing for the pic, while I spotted Breezy getting launched into the air!

Mii News: Wolf Bobs Island Fest Kicks Off!
Let's take a closer look with my special zoom lens that can also read minds.

Breezy: help
On April 18, Conan O'Brien turned 54. He celebrated his birthday with his wife Maeby, his son Gavin, his best friend Zoidberg, and his good buddy Velma.

Conan celebrates with Maeby, Zoiderg, Gavin, and Velma.
After I gave Emily a cream puff, she started to dance. It was her all-time favorite food!

Emily dances after eating her all-time favorite food.

On April 19th, Faith was all grown up. I sent her away to travel the world.

Faith takes a picture with her parents Batman and Squishy before leaving to travel the world.
Robot creator Professor O'Neal (aka Shaq) unveiled his new invention recently: Robo Bomberman! Hey, that would be a good idea for DLC in Super Bomberman R. I know I would want to play as the shiny metal Bomberman instead of a regular one. :P

Robo-Bomberman Revealed.
When I checked in on Madeline, she told me I hadn't spoken to her in three months! Oops.

Madeline: Hi...Jeff's look-alike? I haven't seen you in three months!
But she probably wishes I had stayed away even longer. That's because when I gave her a green pepper, she nearly choked on it! It was her worst food.

Madeline nearly chokes after eating her worst food.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll have another entry in June.

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