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Entry 102: Immobilized

Bomberman recently tripped and stubbed his toe on a mobile. He couldn't move for nearly a whole minute. That's right, he was immobilized by a mobile.

Mii News: Horrific Toe-Stubbing Incident
He caught his toe on a mobile and was immobilized for nearly a whole minute.
Zoidberg recently made a funny face for me. Even though he was wearing his astronaut suit, it still made for an interesting view...if a bit awkward.

Zoidberg: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?

Squishy told me that she and Batman were thinking about having another baby, and I told them to go for it. Two days later, Charles was born. Uh...he looks friendly.

Squishy: We like the name Charles. What do you think?
A few days later, Charles was all grown up. I sent him off to travel the world.

Mr. Saturn, looking like a baby, appears shocked in the home of Zoidberg and Miss Piggy.

I visited Blake after not seeing him for a long time, and he asked if he was really that boring. Well...yes.

Blake: It's been so long, Jeff's look-alike. Am I really that boring?
I gave George Sr. a frying pan, and he cooked up some authentic George Sr. style chili prawns. In Arrested Development, George Sr. was a big shrimp fan and even delayed visiting his son in the hospitfall during Shrimpfest. :P

Authentic George Sr. Style Chili Prawns
In case you were wondering, my quality of life rating is currently at 149 stars.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be back with more in July!

Update: I forgot to mention this when I first posted this entry, but Charlie Brown and Madeline are now sweethearts. He won her over with this song:

Charlie Brown: Like a team of hungry ants carrying off a fresh fruit tart...
...You walked into my life and stole away my heart.

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