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Entry 103: Mr. Bean Ducks

On June 11th, Xavier celebrated his birthday. He was joined by his mother Miss Piggy, his father Zoidberg, his sweetheart Hailey, and Elly (who probably just wanted some free cake).

Xavier's friends wish him a happy birthday at his birthday party.
On the Mii News, I saw a story about some ugly ducklings...they all looked like Mr. Bean! But they really just take after their...mother?

Mii News: Mr. Bean Ducks on the Move.
The Mr. Bean ducklings struggled to keep up with their mother.
Ducks always have to watch out for people rowan boats.

I saw into Villager and Stella's house as they were getting ready for bed. Both of them are so short, that they have to stand on stools as they brush their teeth. :P

Villager & Stella's House
Update: Just to clarify, Villager and Stella did grow taller when I gave them the age-o-matic in entry 100. But I didn't think they looked right at their taller heights, so I edited their Miis to make them short again.

On the news, I saw that there was a new Peach Burger. I thought it was named after Princess Peach, but no. It's called that because the burger has a peach on it. Not even peach slices, but a whole peach! Maybe it's supposed to give you some warm and fuzzy feelings.

Mii News: Peach Burger Bombs
Madison told me she had feelings for George Sr., and she asked him out on the tower.

Madison, to George Sr.: I can see for miles, but all I need is you. Oh, won't you be my boo?
He was glad she felt the same way, and they are now sweethearts.

Elly surprised me by saying she was interested in both Jeff and Mr. Saturn!

Elly: I'm interested in both Jeff and Mr. Saturn...
I made up her mind for her and told her to ask out Jeff. But Jeff didn't even show up! Ugh! I'll get Jelly back together again someday...

On June 27th, Darth Vader celebrated his birthday. He was joined by his best friend Batman, his daughter Madison, his ex-wife Peach, and...Luigi.

Darth Vader's friends and family sing to wish him a happy birthday.
I gave Peach a protein shake, and she hated it so much that she melted into a pile of gray goo! It was her worst ever food.

Princess Peach melts into a pile of goo.
The next day, Lindsay also had the same melting reaction. But hers was caused by a mango.

Lindsay Bluth melts into a pile of goo after eating a mango.

That's all for this month, but I'll be back with more in August! Thanks for stopping by!

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