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Entry 104: Birthday Cake & Break-Ups

Villager started dancing recently when I gave him a hard-boiled egg. It was his all-time favorite food.

Villager dances for his all-time favorite food.
Stella and Jeff had a huge fight, and they were both flaming mad. Charlie Brown tried to intervene...while wearing a frog hat.

Stella and Jeff fight as Charlie Brown looks on.
As Stella and Jeff were throwing items at each other, I happened to snap a picture of a diaper in mid-air. It almost looks like Charlie Brown is inside of it!

Charlie Brown appears to be in the diaper Stella throws at Jeff.
Even though Stella and Jeff were pissed off, Charlie Brown was able to settle everybody down.

On July 9th, Mario celebrated his birthday with his BFF Ann (her?), Hailey, Miss Piggy, and Lindsay.

Mario celebrates his birthday with friends.
Five days later, Luigi also had a birthday. He celebrated with his best friend Hailey, Maeby, Bomberman, and Madison. Interesting that the Mario brothers didn't attend each other's birthday parties.

Luigi celebrates his birthday with friends.
Conan and Maeby got a letter back from their son Tristan. He's currently staying on Ender Island. He sent this picture of him and his new friend Elizabith.

Tristan and Elizabith on the beach.
After using the compatibility tester, I unlocked the romance ranking board.

Mii News: Romance Ranking Announced!
Conan and Squishy have the highest rating, followed by Conan and his wife Maeby.

Mii News: Romance Ranking Announced!

On the Mii News, I saw that Peach has started growing tomatoes that look like her. I guess the stem could be the crown.

Mii News: You Say Tomato, I Say Peach
I gave Ann some clam chowder, and she blasted off into outer space! It's her super all-time favorite food. Maybe "Clam" would be a good nickname for her now. ;)

Ann blasts off for her super all-time favorite food.
Only Ann could look that disinterested while launching into space.

Emily had a bad reaction when I gave her some onion rings. She nearly choked! It's her worst food.

Emily nearly chokes after eating her worst food.
Darth Vader told me he had feelings for TZ. So he asked her out, and she said yes. They are now sweethearts.

Darth Vader asks out TZ.
July 31st was my character's birthday, so a bunch of Miis showed up to help me celebrate. Elly, Breezy, Charlie Brown, Annyong, Darth Vader, Zoidberg, Alien, and Gaston each wished me a happy birthday and fired off a party popper.
Elly, on Jeff's birthday: This is so fun! Yay for you!
Zoidberg: Cut the cake! Cut the cake!
They gave me a birthday cake, and I later gave it to Annyong. Why Annyong? Because I had given him all of the other food items, and I still hadn't found his worst food! And sure enough, he nearly choked after eating it. It was indeed his worst food.

Annyong chokes after eating his worst food, a birthday cake.
When I looked at the Mii Homes area yesterday, I was surprised to see only three homes there! My surprise turned to disappointment when I saw that Zoidberg and Miss Piggy have just divorced! :( :( :(

Miss Piggy: My heart has hurt since we broke up. It's not heartburn either.
But that wasn't all. Breezy asked me if she should date Snoopy or Gavin. Wait, what about Gaston? It turns out that Breezy and Gaston have also broken up. As for Breezy's current love interests, I told her to think on it more. Wow, two power couples broken up in one month? In case you're wondering, the only three married couples left are Batman and Squishy, Villager and Stella, and Conan and Maeby.

So to punish Miss Piggy and Zoidberg, I poisoned their son Xavier.

Xavier chokes on his worst food.
No, actually that was just his reaction when I gave him a chocolate sundae. Yes, that's right. A chocolate sundae is his worst food! What's wrong with this family?

Speaking of Miis not liking dessert, Madison melted into a pile of gray goo after I gave her some cherry pie. It was her worst ever food.

Madison melts after eating her worst ever food.
By request, I've assembled a chart showing all of my Miis' special reaction foods! It's not complete yet, but I'll update it as I find the remaining reaction foods.

I was interrupted by a Mii News broadcast that informed me I have now solved 4,000 Mii problems!

Mii News: 4,000 Mii Problems Solved.

It's been a pretty busy month in Wolf Bobs Island! I'll be back again in September with another update!

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