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Entry 105: September 2017

Zoidberg told me he had feelings for Lucille 2, and he met her in school to ask her out.
Zoidberg, to Lucille 2: I'll carry your books for you every day if you go out with me!
But the teacher Gaston had other ideas! He was also interested in Lucille 2!

Gaston the rabbit stands behind a podium in class.
But before Lucille 2 could choose someone, there was another surprise: Jeff also professed his love for Lucille 2!

Jeff: Wait!
Unfortunately, Lucille 2 chose Jeff! Yikes! They asked what I thought about the relationship, and my response was a big fat NO. There's no way Jeff is going to date her.

Lucille 2 and Jeff are shocked.

When I visited Ryder, he informed me that he and Hailey recently broke up.

Ryder: Hailey and I broke up. It's...probably for the best.
On the Mii News, I saw that dating expert Inigo Montoya is teaching a new class on how to attract the person of your dreams. Is a guy fixated on revenge really the best choice to teach a dating class?

Mii News shows Inigo's Dating Course.
It reminded me of the relationship class in Gerudo Town in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I gave Bomberman a frozen treat, and he blasted off into outer space. (Get it? Bomberman Blast?) It was his super all-time favorite food.

Bomberman blasts off into outer space for his super all-time favorite food in Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS.
I got another good reaction when I gave Darth Vader a granola parfait. He didn't blast off into space, because he was already there! Instead, he started moonwalking dancing for his all-time favorite food.

Darth Vader dances after eating his all-time favorite food in Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS.
On August 14th, TZ celebrated her birthday. Darth Vader, Blake, Hailey, and Bomberman attended her party. Happy birthday, TZ!

TZ's friends: La la la la, dear TZ...

I gave Inkling Girl some instant noodles, and she instantly superjumped into outer space! That was her super all-time favorite food. (I'd hate to be underneath her when she splashdowns back to Earth.)

Inkling Girl launches into outer space after eating her super all-time favorite food.
On August 18th, Stella celebrated her birthday. Her parents (Gaston and Breezy) showed up for the party, joining Velma and Villager.

Stella celebrates her birthday in Tomodachi Life.
Speaking of Velma, Tobias recently asked her out in the park. Velma was not interested, and you could tell Tobias was feeling blue.

Tobias collapses on the ground after Velma turned him down.
Ann asked Mario out, and surprisingly, he said yes. They are now sweethearts.

Ann, to Mario: I love everything about you. Will you be my sweetheart?
But they weren't the only surprising couple that got together recently. Gaston sang a song on stage for Miss Piggy, asking her out. A rabbit and a pig? Crazy as it sounds, they are now sweethearts.

Gaston, singing to Miss Piggy: There's nothing more I'd rather do than be ina real-life romance with you.
That's all I have for this month, but I'll be back again in October. Remember, if you're interested in seeing my islanders' reaction foods, I have a list of them here. I keep that list up-to-date, so any changes will be reflected there before I post in the next blog entry.

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