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Entry 106: October 2017

September was a busy month for birthdays on the island. Peach (September 3rd), Kevin Love (Sept. 7th), Squishy (Sept. 15th), and Maeby (Sept. 22nd) all celebrated with birthday parties. Happy birthday to them all! I won't show pictures from all of their parties, but here is a look at Peach's party. She celebrated with her daughter Madison, as well as Lucille 2, Mr. Saturn, and Madeline.

La la la la, dear Peach...
Inkling Girl had a dream that it was 50 years in the future. I guess she finally took a break from playing Splatoon 27 to answer her door. :P

Inkling Girl, looking much older: I haven't seen you in 50 years, Jeff's look-alike...
I gave Madison some popcorn, and she started breakdancing! It was her all-time favorite food.

Madison Vader dances for her all-time favorite food.
The next day, I gave Madison some potato chips. She had a much worse reaction this time--she nearly choked to death! It was her worst food.

Madison nearly chokes on her worst food.
Darth Vader has a "Force choke" attack. And now his daughter just choked on a Darth Tater.

I got a surprise when Tristan (Conan and Maeby's son) came back for a visit!

Tristan is back!
Even better, he brought me some crème brûlée from BRooLandia Island! I hadn't received a new special food in a long time--almost as long as Tristan's head. I've already added the new food item to my collection list

Creme brulee from BRooLandia Island.
After Tristan stuffed himself with food and took a nap, he headed off to resume traveling the world.

On the Mii News, I saw that Professor Ryder O'Neal unveiled a new Robo-Buster! In Arrested Development, Buster already referred to himself as a robot after having his hand (which was bitten off by a loose seal) replaced with a hook.

Mii News: Robo-Buster Revealed
I'd like to see Buster and Robo-Buster meet in person. "I'm a robot!" "No, I'm a robot!"

After giving Batman a root-beer float, he nearly choked! It was his worst food! Bruce Wayne must have bats in his belfry if he doesn't like root-beer floats!

Batman nearly chokes to death after drinking his worst food, a root-beer float.
Snoopy made a funny face for me, but I wasn't sure what to think.

Snoopy: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?

Lindsay recently told me that she misses Alien, and she'd like to get back together with him.

Lindsay: I really miss Alien. I think we should get back together...
I passed the message on to Alien, and he said he'd think about it. But Alien sent a friend to tell Lindsay he wasn't interested. But surprisingly, the person who delivered the message was Tobias (Lindsay's ex-husband).

Tobias, to Lindsay: It doesn't look like Alien is interested in going out with you.
GOB was also missing an ex, as he told me he'd like to get back together with Peach.

GOB: I really miss Peach. I think we should get back together...
Again, I passed along the message, and this time Lucille 2 told GOB that Peach wasn't interested. Lucille 2 and GOB actually had a semi-secretive relationship in Arrested Development.

Lucille 2, to GOB: It doesn't look like Peach is interested in going out with you.
But those weren't the only failed romantic attempts over the past month. Madeline asked out Bobby Hill, and he declined. And TZ had feelings for the Swedish Chef, but he never even showed up.

On the Mii News, I saw that Mr. Bean came up with a new recipe for shish kebabs. It includes nachos, hard-boiled eggs, and moldy bread. OMG, that's disgusting! And yet, it sounds like something Mr. Bean actually would throw together. He's a strange fellow.

Mii News: Hot Barbecue Fusion
Speaking of strange fellows, I gave "Weird Al" Yankovic some soft-serve ice cream yesterday. He started dancing for his all-time favorite food. I'm a bit surprised he didn't hold out for rocky road. :P

Weird Al Yankovic dances for his all-time favorite food in Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS.
That's all for now, but I'll be back again in November with another update. In the meantime, I'll continue updating my special food reactions as I find them. See you next time!

Update: Just for fun, I've made a GIF showing most of my islanders' choking reactions after eating their worst foods. See it here.

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