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Entry 107: November 2017

Ann started dancing after she got a taste of sausage. It's her all-time favorite food!

Ann dances for her all-time favorite food.
Mr. Bean told me he had feelings for Ann, so he offered her some beads if she would go out with him.

Mr. Bean, to Ann: I'll give you some beads if you go out with me!
Before she could answer, they got interrupted by GOB! He also had feelings for Ann.

GOB showed up to ask Ann out.
But Ann wasn't interested in either of them. She's still sweethearts with Mario, after all. And he takes her on an odyssey, if you know what I mean. Flying to other kingdoms on a flying hat-shaped spaceship, of course.

I promise this whole entry won't be all about Ann...but there is one more thing to report. Ann ate some frozen yogurt, and she hated it so much that she melted in a pile of gray goo on the floor! It was her worst ever food.

Ann melts after eating her worst ever food.
Zoidberg had feelings for Lucille 2, and he planned to ask her out. However, she never even showed up. Annyong asked out Miss Piggy, and she turned him down.

But not all of the relationship news is bad. Ryder told me that he had feelings for Emily, so he asked her out on the observation tower. She said yes!

Ryder, to Emily: Nothing would make me happier than being your boyfriend. Please go out with me!
A while back, someone left a comment on my Rap Battle video, saying that in rap battles, the rapper on the left always loses. I found it hard to believe, but when I tried it out at the time, the left player did indeed keep losing match after match. But I recently revisited it, and this time, the right player lost as Popeye defeated George Sr. So I've finally disproved that theory. :P

Rap battle: Popeye (left) defeats George Sr. (right).
Charlie Brown was missing Madeline, and he wanted to get back together with her.

Charlie Brown: I really miss Madeline. I think we should get back together...
Madeline told me she'd think about it...but when the time came, Madeline didn't even show up. She couldn't even bother to relay the message. Ouch. :P

After giving Blake a tomato, he melted into a pile of tomato stew goo. It was his worst ever food.

Blake melts after eating his worst ever food.

On October 23rd, "Weird Al" Yankovic celebrated his 58th birthday. He was joined by his best friend Gavin, TZ, Hailey, and Mario at his party.

La la la la, dear Weird Al...
After eating a grilled cheese sandwich, Ryder blasted off into outer space! It's his super all-time favorite food! I would make a pun about it, but I'm afraid it would be too cheesy.

Rap battle: Popeye (left) defeats George Sr. (right).
Squishy and Batman told me they wanted to have another kid, so I told them to go for it. It wasn't long before baby Joshua was born. He looks like a grumpy little brat. :P

We like the name Joshua. What do you think?
The grumpy baby Joshua.
Joshua is the fifth child of Batman and Squishy. That's only one behind Zoidberg and Miss Piggy (who had six kids) and two behind Popeye and Lucille 2 (who had seven). But Squishy also had three kids with Mr. Bean, so she has mothered eight children in total! That makes her the record holder. :P If you'd like, check out the full list of kids born on my island.

On October 26th, Breezy celebrated her birthday with her daughter Stella, her best friend Madeline, Darth Vader, and Batman. Happy birthday, Breezy!

La la la la, dear Breezy...
Zoidberg told me that he was missing Madison, and he wanted to get back together with her. I told Madison the news, and she didn't even think about it. She said no right away.

I'm sorry, but could you just say that I hope he's doing well...?
By Monday, Joshua was all grown up. I sent him away to travel the world.

Joshua has grown up so fast! It's time for him to leave the nest.
Just today, I was surprised to find a new StreetPass camper! His name is Cameron, and he sent along this lovely message from his island's owner:

Cameron: poop
What a potty mouth. On a brighter note, he sold me some chicken tikka masala for three play coins. It's a special food that I still needed for my collection, so I was glad to have it!

You got some chicken tikka masala
I fed him well and leveled him up before ending my play session. See you next month!

I recently bought bought Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch (see my impressions), and I'm loving it! If you're interested in the game, you can buy it at Amazon.

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