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Entry 108: December 2017

While attending the Zelda Symphony on November 4th, I got a new StreetPass hit. It brought a camper named Ryder from Cherry Island (originally from Coulton Island).

Ryder: I really like this campground! By the way, my name's Ryder.
Ryder sold me a reuben for 4 play coins! That was a new one for me, so I've added it to my collection page.

You got a reuben! It's been added to your special foods.
I also played the Mosquito mini-game with him. *smack*

Success! Woo-hoo!
Madeline told me she had feelings for Bobby Hill, so she asked him out in the park. He said yes, so they are now sweethearts.

Madline, to Bobby Hill: My feelings for you are as clear as a blue sky on a summer day. Will you be my sunshine?

Two days later, Madeline had another reason to celebrate: I gave her a gelatin snack! That doesn't sound like much, but it was her super all-time favorite food, and she blasted off into outer space.

Madeline blasts off into space after eating her super all-time favorite food.
Hailey took Xavier up in a ferris wheel and then pushed him out asked him to marry her!

Hailey, to Xavier: My love...will you marry me?
There was a slight problem, though: They were both still kids! But I gave them an age-o-matic to share, and they grew up.

Hailey: Look at me! I'm all grown up!
They then proceeded with the wedding. Congrats to the new married couple!

Hailey and Xavier get married.
I gave Madeline a cream puff, but she didn't seem to enjoy it. She melted into a puddle of gray goo. It was her worst ever food.

Madeline melts after eating her worst ever food.
Luigi wanted to ask out TZ, so he offered her a 1up mushroom if she'd go out with him.

Luigi, to TZ: I'll give you a mushroom if you go out with me!
Even though Zoidberg also showed up and said he loved TZ too, TZ said yes to Luigi (and his mushroom).

On the Mii News, I saw that Shaq's animated movie "Super Scope and Glass Ornament" won the local film festival! It's a love story, but I'm not sure that they're the best couple. Glass Ornament's motives were so transparent; Super Scope should really aim higher.

Film Festival Winner Announced
Still a better love story than Twilight. (Just kidding.)
Mr. Bean, wearing a horse mask, asked out Peach. He offered to give Peach his sausage if she agreed to go out with him.

Mr. Bean, to Peach: I'll give you a sausage if you go out with me!
Peach couldn't resist, so she mounted the horse and they rode off into the sunset.

Inkling girl made a funny face for me, and then asked if I was impressed. I'm not sure if it was a serious question or if she was just squidding around.

Inkling girl: What do you think? Are you impressed yet?
On Thursday, I gave Hailey a muffin and she thought it was out of this world!

Hailey blasts off for her super all-time favorite food.
From up this high, you can even see the muffin man.
And now that December is here, snow now covers the ground on the island. From this picture, you can also see the homes of the four married couples on Wolf Bobs Island.

Mii Homes
That's all I have for now, but of course I'll keep updating my list of special reaction foods when I find something new. Have a great holiday season, and I'll be back with another entry in January!

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