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Entry 109: January 2018

After giving Gavin some red velvet cake, he nearly choked to death! It was his worst food.

Gavin nearly chokes after eating his worst food.
Xavier told me that he and Hailey had been thinking about having a baby, so I told them to go for it. On December 11th, their son Adam was born. Not to be confused with Squishy and Mr. Bean's son Adam, who was born in entry 59.

Xavier and Hailey's son Adam.
That same day, Miss Piggy was selling herself at the morning market. That's right, she was selling bacon.
Miss Piggy: My delicious bacon is on sale today! Don't miss out!
Emily's birthday was on December 13th, and she celebrated with her parents (Popeye and Lucille 2), her boyfriend Ryder, and Miss Piggy.

La la la la, dear Emily

I tried to help out Xavier and Hailey each day by watching Adam. But this kid's face is starting to scare me.

I so appreciate your help.
On December 15th, I noticed there were only three houses in the Mii Homes area! Squishy and Batman have divorced!

Three houses in Mii Homes.
By December 17th, Adam was all grown up and ready to move out. I sent him (far) away to travel the world.

Adam has grown up so fast! It's time for him to leave the nest.
Shortly before Christmas, Zoidberg was selling crabs at the morning market.

Zoidberg: These crabs are the best!
You may have seen on Twitter that I made a poll to let people decide which of four Miis (which I made back on Wii) I would add to my Tomodachi Life island. But even before the poll ended, I decided to add another islander. From the old-school Donkey Kong games (and Super Mario Odyssey), it's the mayor of New Donk City--Pauline!

I gave her an evening gown and a floppy hat, as I tried to match the outfit she wears in Super Mario Odyssey. I also gave her the disco interior for her apartment.

Pauline in her apartment.
Now Villager isn't the only mayor on Wolf Bobs Island.

It didn't take me long to find one of Pauline's reaction foods. She melted when I gave her some creamy stew; it was her worst ever food.

Pauline melts after eating her worst ever food.
On December 30th, I saw on the Mii News that Tobias has written an autobiography! This was funny to me, because this mirrors what happened on Arrested Development! There's even an Amazon listing for his book, The Man Inside Me.

Mii News: Tobias Funke biography goes on sale.
My Twitter poll ended on Saturday night, with Bert (from Sesame Street) beating out Amish, Skull, and Drew (Drew Gooden, a former NBA player). So Bert moved in! That makes him the fourth Muppet on the island (after Miss Piggy, The Count, and the Swedish Chef).

I gave him a spiky ponytail, to mimic the odd puff of hair on the top of his head. Since Bert wears vertical stripes, I gave him the striped dress shirt. I also gave him the children's interior for his apartment.

My new island resident, Bert from Sesame Street.
If you'd like to add Bert and/or Pauline to your island, they are both available on the QR Codes page.

I tested Bert's friendship ratings with some other characters, and he has a 100% rating with Mr. Bean!

Bert & Mr. Bean's friendship rating is... 100%! Best Friends Forever!
Doing that unlocked the friendship ranking to the rankings board! I now (finally) have all ten boards unlocked. As you might expect, Bert & Bean's ranking is #1 on the island, while Weird Al and Kevin Love are #2 with a 96% score.

1. Bert & Mr. Bean, 100%. 2. Weird Al & Kevin Love, 96%.
Yesterday, I noticed something interesting in Bert's house...a shirt with horizontal stripes. This actually looks a lot like Ernie's shirt! Did Ernie come over and leave his clothes? Or maybe he was in the bathtub, playing with his rubber ducky?

A shirt hanging up in Bert's apartment that resembles Ernie's shirt.
Tobias went up to the tower to ask out Ann (her?). He was surprised when Gaston, and then Shaq, showed up to also profess love for Ann.

Ann chose to date Tobias (him?), so they are now sweethearts.

Some other relationship notes: Swedish Chef wanted to ask out fellow Muppet Miss Piggy, but she never showed up. Breezy had feelings for Yukon Cornelius, but he also did not show up.

I recently put up a new Wii Fit U video called Dessert Course Fails. It features many of the Miis you'll recognize from my Tomodachi Life island, so I hope you'll check it out. Thanks, if you do! :)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2018 is great for you! I'll be back with another entry in February.

Pauline: Happy New Year! I hope you have the best year ever!

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