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Entry 110: February 2018

Madison recently told me things weren't working out with George Sr.; I told them to try to work it out, but it was no use. They have officially broken up.

Madison and George Sr. break up.
Madison was sad, and when she leaned forward, her hat almost looked like a monster...or maybe a new Muppet. :P

Madison's hat looks like a monster from this angle.
TZ decided to propose to Luigi in the train station. He said yes! Good luck to the new married couple. Hopefully their relationship will stay on track.

TZ, to Luigi: My love...will you marry me?
TZ and Luigi get married.
On January 6th, Mr. Bean celebrated his 63rd birthday. He was joined by his son Blake, his sweetheart Peach, his best friend Maeby, and (his distant relative?) Alien.

One day, I noticed that Bert's favorite foods were apple juice, banana, and creamy stew. In that order... A, B, C. It seemed perfect for a Sesame Street character.

Bert's favorite foods: 1. Apple juice. 2. Banana. 3. Creamy stew.
The section where it listed his reaction foods was still blank. But that changed a few days later, when I fed him some caviar. He melted into a gray puddle; it was his worst ever food!

Bert from Sesame Street melts after eating his worst ever food.
On January 12th, Tobias told me he wanted to propose to Ann!

Tobias: I'm frightened.Tobias: I want to propose to Ann. Do you think I should?
Shouldn't Ann be the one frightened? :P But luckily for Tobias, she wasn't. Ann said yes! Fortunately for me, they gave me some stomach medicine to help me get through their wedding.

Tobias and Ann: You got some stomach medicine! It's been added to your goods.
Tobias and Ann get married.
But good luck to the new couple. They may need it.

After I gave Stella some tap water, she started tapping her feet! She was dancing for her all-time favorite food.

Stella dances after drinking her all-time favorite food.
Hailey conjured up a plan to get Darth Vader and Miss Piggy together. They had a nice day at the amusement park and cafe, and then wrapped up their date at the fountain. It was a success! Miss Piggy and Darth Vader are now sweethearts!

Hailey winks as Miss Piggy and Darth Vader become sweethearts.
Both of the Miis I added last time have found their super all-time favorite foods. First, Pauline jumped up into outer space with the super stars for grits.

Pauline blasts off after eating her super all-time favorite food.
And then Bert also blasted off after eating some Peking duck.

Bert blasts off after eating his super all-time favorite food.
I found him Peking at the Great Wall of China from up here.
Bobby Hill and Emily got a letter from their daughter Amelia. She's currently stranded staying on StreetPass Relay Point Island.

Amelia: Aloha from StreetPass Relay Point Island!
Enjoy your permanent vacation.

One morning, I found Dr. Zoidberg dressed up in a hamster suit, selling spoiled milk. Wow, life comes at you fast.

Zoidberg: This spoiled milk is the best!
I made sure to stock up, but I really wish the garbage foods would show up more often. It's so rare to get a chance to purchase them, and I'd really like to stock up on some ruined meals.

Just a side note: I have acquired one ruined meal somewhere (the night market most likely), and I have given it to Velma. So Velma has now eaten everything except a birthday cake.

On January 27th, Gavin celebrated his birthday with his parents (Conan and Maeby), his best friend Weird Al, and...Ann.

La la la la, dear Gavin...
Why Ann? Nobody ever knows.
After I gave Hailey some soft-serve ice cream, she served up some sweet dance moves! It was her all-time favorite food. I sure can't argue with that one!

Hailey starts dancing after eating her all-time favorite food.
Last night, Villager had a dream in which he was looking in the mirror...and then he saw Lucille 2 looking back at him! Yikes!

Villager sees Lucille 2 in the mirror while dreaming.
Villager sees Lucille 2 in the mirror while dreaming.
That dream didn't sit well with him.
And today, I saw a story on the Mii News about a new kind of bacteria called the Crossing Strain. Each one looks just like Gaston! I hope nobody catches the rabbit flu, mon chou!

Mii News: The Crossing Strain
The bacteria can be spread by a breezy wind.
In case you're wondering, there are currently five married couples on the island: TZ & Luigi, Xavier & Hailey, Tobias & Ann, Villager & Stella, and Conan & Maeby.

As for my quality of life rating, it's currently at 167 stars. Thanks for stopping by, and I'll be back with another entry in March!

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